Michigan Football: 5 Most Dangerous Wolverines on 2012 Roster

Austin FoxCorrespondent IIJuly 22, 2012

Michigan Football: 5 Most Dangerous Wolverines on 2012 Roster

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    Who is the most "dangerous" player on this Michigan roster? Well, it certainly depends on what your definition of "dangerous" is.

    Is it a player like Denard Robinson, who has the ability to score every time he touches the ball? Or is it a young emerging star that has the potential to be "scary good"?

    This list may be a bit unorthodox, but it still shows the wide range of talent Michigan has on its roster.

5. Jordan Kovacs

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    I think just about everybody knows what to expect out of Jordan Kovacs in 2012. As a senior, he's going to come out and play his hardest every single snap, leaving it all out on the field.

    Kovacs is a guy whom opponents will definitely be focused on every play. I actually think his ability to play the run is a big reason why he's so dangerous.

    No, he's not the biggest or strongest guy on defense, but he's certainly one of the most valuable.

4. Blake Countess

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    I think Blake Countess will be a very, very intriguing player to watch in 2012. This kid is an absolute star in the making.

    There is a chance that he could be the type of lock-down corner every team needs...and he's only a true sophomore. It's scary to think how good he could be by the time he's a senior.

    What Curt Mallory has done with this secondary is nothing short of amazing, and another year with Countess will only make the young corner better and better.

3. Fitz Toussaint

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    Fitz Toussaint is a very dangerous man for Michigan. When he's running effectively, he gives this offense a whole new dimension that is hard for defenses to stop.

    The way he tore up three good run defenses at the end of last year in Illinois, Nebraska and Ohio State gave him a whole new reputation.

    It really put him on the national scene, as he proved to everyone that he was the real deal.

    Heisman contention isn't out of the question in 2012 for this dangerous running back.

2. Jake Ryan

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    I think Jake Ryan fits the description of a "dangerous player" perfectly. This kid showed flashes of being a great defensive player last year...as a redshirt freshman!

    Imagine how much better he'll get with another year under his belt in Greg Mattison's system. This is the kind of player who has the ability to rack up a large number of sacks and/or tackles for loss.

    In fact, I'm going to predict right here that Jake Ryan will lead Michigan in sacks at least once in a season before he departs. That's truly how dangerous this kid is.

1. Denard Robinson

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    Well, this is obviously a no-brainer. Honestly, how could anybody else possibly be placed in this spot?

    There really isn't anything I can tell you about Robinson that you don't already know. His unbelievable speed and athletic ability not only make him the most dangerous player for Michigan, but arguably the most dangerous player in all of college football.