The Mad Visor: Sean Payton

Blake StaffordContributor IFebruary 19, 2009

This nickname might not ring a bell in everyone's ear, but Sean Payton, head coach of the New Orleans Saints, has earned it. 70 miles southeast of the Mad Hatter, LSU coach Les Miles, Sean Payton, the NFL's head coaching version of Evel Knievel, is tinkering once again with his No. 1 rated offense.

For most Saints fans, Deuce McAllister was more than just a running back. He was a symbol of hope for a franchise that hasn't been as blessed as the Pittsburgh Steelers (6 Super Bowl titles) or San Francisco 49ers (5 Super Bowl titles). In fact, in its 40 years of existence, the Saints are members of a very elite and prestigious club. They are one of only five teams to have never played in the Super Bowl. 

However, ladies and gentleman, the day will surely come when the Saints will play in that aw-inspiring game and it will be lead by current head coach Sean Payton. It is obvious why many New Orleanians are upset about Deuce's exit, but the fans should be looking at the bigger picture.

When you want a championship, sacrifices must be made. Sean Payton understands that and is willing to look like a gotham city villain to achieve it.

Not only did he fight for the best defensive coordinator available, he is willing to sacrifice a portion of his own paycheck to get him. The hiring of Gregg Williams shows Saints' fans that they are committed to no longer playing mediocre football. The Saints want a championship and they want it now.

Understand this, the firing of Gary Gibbs must have been one of the most difficult tasks in Sean Payton's life. Gary Gibbs was a man willing to coach the defense of a 3-13 football team, in a city damaged by Hurricane Katrina. He put his career on the line for one of the youngest head coaches at the time. So to sit here and say that Gary Gibbs' firing was an easy decision is blasphemous.

As the offseason rolls on, Sean Payton and General Manager Mickey Loomis will have many more tough decisions. Who will be the starting safeties this year? What will we do if starting defensive ends Charles Grant and Will Smith get suspended and have to sit out the first four games of the season? How can we run the ball more effectively?

As the majority of Saints' fans criticize the head coach, Sean Payton continues to do what he does best. New Orleans must take the good along with the bad. Sure he'll run a reverse on 4th and 1, but he's the reason we have Drew Brees or Reggie Bush running the show on offense. He's the man who gave the Crescent City a year of hope after surviving a year of despair.

So don't be mad when he calls a reverse to Devery Henderson in goal line situations, because he's the same guy who calls a successful onside kick against Dallas in 2006 when no one expects it.

Like it or not, the Mad Visor is here to stay for a few years. So kick back and enjoy the show because you never know what's going to happen next.