All-Out Effort by the Canadiens Ends in a 4-3 S/O Victory for Washington

Charles L. GareCorrespondent IFebruary 19, 2009

The Montreal Canadiens came into Washington having more on their plate than necessary.

With the losing streak and Alex Kovalev being told to stay home for the remainder of the road trip, what else could happen to this team?

The game started out with the Canadiens getting a power play approximately two minutes into the game, and Christopher Higgins scoring from a bounce off the back boards.

Shortly thereafter, Ovechkin scored of course. It was a show as only he can do—nothing normal for Alexander.

What I noticed about the Habs last night was the fact that when pushed, they pushed back, even with the Caps scoring their second goal of the game.

They continued skating, and soon thereafter, they tied the score. During the second period, the Canadiens did a very admirable job of keeping Washington's big guns off the score sheet.

Carey Price made some big-time stops in this game, which allowed the Habs a chance to win it. It was his best game of late.

When the game started, all you could hear was Pierre McGuire saying the Canadiens did not have much of a chance. In the third, he picked Carey Price as his monster performer.

Plekanec put the Canadiens ahead 3-2 ,and it looked like they could pull it off and come away with a win. Shortly after that, a long shot by the Caps was tipped in the net.

In overtime, the Canadiens should have won on a bounce off the inside of the post. It went out of the net.

In the shootout, the Caps scored twice. The Habs did not score. Instead of two points, it's one point, and a great effort goes unrewarded.

This was the Canadiens' best game by far on this road trip, and they showed they could grind right along with Alexander and the boys from Washington.

Theodore was happy to beat his old team. If he had played anywhere near that good in Montreal, he would still be there.

Tonight, Sidney and his friends are up. Let's hope the Canadiens play the same style of hockey, and get two points.

At least, the trip would end with five points, which is a lot better than the three they have now.