WWE News: Jim Ross Must Be Allowed to Commentate Entire RAW 1000 Event

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistJuly 20, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

As much as the likes of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker and Bret Hart have been institutions on WWE Raw, perhaps the person most synonymous with the show is long-time announcer Jim Ross.

With good ol' JR confirmed for Raw's 1,000th episode, the company ought to let him reprise his old role.

Ross confirmed via Twitter that he would be in St. Louis for Raw 1,000 on Monday, although he didn't reveal what—if anything—he would be doing.

From 1996 through 2008, Ross was essentially the main voice of the company and specifically of the Raw show. Therefore, it is only fitting that he will be in attendance when Raw reaches the milestone episode.

Wrestling's greatest announcer simply being there won't be enough for the fans, however. Newer fans may not understand the impact that Ross has had on the business, but those who watched during the Attitude Era and before will know.

There has never been an announcer who has put over talent better and made matches seem more important than Ross.

I'm actually not one of those fans who hates Michael Cole for replacing Ross because it was ultimately Vince McMahon's decision. I consider Cole a solid announcer when he doesn't have to worry about the heel theatrics.

Ross is always going to be on an entirely different level than Cole and everyone else, though, so a celebration of Raw wouldn't feel right without him.

So many incredible things happened on Raw during Ross' tenure, and his announcing enhanced those moments in a lot of ways.

The 1,000th episode of the show is going to feature tons of old superstars returning, a confrontation between Brock Lesnar and Triple H, the marriage of Daniel Bryan and AJ, and a WWE championship match between CM Punk and John Cena.

All of those things will be even better if Ross is at the helm.

On top of that, many believe that the team of Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler is the most dynamic announcing duo in wrestling history. King is now a shell of his former self, though, and it seems to me like he is going through the motions.

With that said, we see glimpses of the old Lawler every time Ross returns, so Ross announcing would likely give us a rejuvenated King as well.

When guys like Austin, The Rock and Michaels are in a WWE ring, it just seems right to have good ol' JR talking about them.

Most believe that Austin was the reason why the WWE came out on top in the Monday Night Wars, and while that is accurate, I feel like Ross' announcing alone made the WWE's product more exciting than WCW, and that is the ultimate compliment.

My fear is that Ross will be at the show, but not featured on television, or he will be forced into some sort of embarrassing skit.

I tend to think that the fans get more upset over the WWE's treatment than Ross himself does, but there is no doubt that he is often stuck in stupid situations that make him look bad in the end.

Even though McMahon has made fun of Ross many times in the past, I believe he realizes that JR was a huge part of Raw's success over the years. As a result, I'm confident that he will be properly honored and not ridiculed on Monday.

Say what you will about the WWE, but big events are always done in a first-class manner and I expect nothing less of Raw 1,000.

Perhaps Ross was never an in-ring competitor, but he deserves to be treated with the same respect as the wrestling legends who will be on the show on Monday.

There is only one voice that is synonymous with Raw, and it's that of good ol' JR himself, Jim Ross.


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