Toronto Sports Teams: Which Franchise Should Fans Root For?

Paul TaylorCorrespondent IJuly 20, 2012

One of the best things about sport is its ability to bring complete strangers together for several hours of escapism and entertainment. Although theoretically, alcohol achieves the same effect but the potential for an own-goal is riskier when you wake up in the morning and look over to the other side of the bed.

One of my favourite examples of this camaraderie was the 2006-07 Raptors season. The mesh of North Americans and Europeans created a perfect storm, resulting in a likeable team everyone talked about.

Admittedly, winning played a major part and that’s the crux of the current frustration for Torontonians; all they want is a successful team to root for.  The question is, which franchise has the best chance to rally the city? Don’t laugh too much, but it may be the Argonauts.

The Raptors are reeling from Steve Nash’s collective kick between the legs to Southern Ontario and the Jays are a year away from competing consistently. Despite being the only regular championship contender, the Rock always rank sixth for support, Toronto FC will yet again miss the play-offs and the Leafs are, well, the Leafs.

The Argonauts, on the other hand, are primed to win now, thanks to the addition of Ricky Ray. At the risk of sounding harsh (I'd never wish an injury on anyone, especially a potential career-ending one) the team would still be unbeaten if not for key misses in weeks one and three by the overrated Noel Prefontaine.

Although 20,682 and 22,485 people for the first two games at the Skydome (or the ‘dome-thingy’ as my girlfriend calls it) is disappointing, those who did attend were treated to the CFL at its very best; hugely entertaining, high-scoring games.  More of the same should generate better crowds.

With Toronto hosting the 100th Grey Cup, it’s up to the Argonauts to take advantage of the opportunity and give people something to unite for. (And yes, I realise I’ve probably just jinxed their season.)

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