B/R Interview: Shawn Michaels on RAW 1,000, Possible Dream Match with the Rock

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B/R Interview: Shawn Michaels on RAW 1,000, Possible Dream Match with the Rock
From WWE.com

Shawn Michaels doesn't need pro wrestling. 

As a legend, and once upon a time the face of a major wrestling promotion that far-too-often retires its legendary performers before they retire from sports entertainment, Shawn Michaels enjoyed arguably the most graceful retirements in WWE history. 

His exodus from the rock-star lifestyle of pro wrestling continues, and while promoting Deuce Brand watches, Michaels sat down for an informative, in-depth and at times surprising interview about life after wrestling and the monumental 1,000th episode of RAW.

Michaels' second life couldn't be any different than the over 25-year pro wrestling career that so strongly defined him.  As opposed to the fast-paced, non-stop existence where WWE superstars are forced to stand out from scores of fellow egomaniacs and personalities, Michaels' chief hobby of hunting has interjected the very tranquility that eluded him for the better part of 25 years:

"I'm not a very good famous person (laughs).  I enjoyed the theatrics and the physical demands of everything that went on in the ring.  But I was, initially, a relatively shy kid.  I think that's probably what attracted me to hunting is that it was such a polar opposite of the other, and it was that opportunity for peace and quiet and to decompress. 

"I love wrestling, and I think there was something in me that needed to come out and I was very fortunate to allow it to come out in the WWE and make a living doing that, and I enjoyed every second of that.  But at the same time I thoroughly love the the peace and quiet of [hunting] and the solitude and just sort of being away from the hustle and bustle."

Despite being at peace with his post-wrestling endeavors, Michaels' passion for pro wrestling still resonates, clearly shining through as his first love with an outside possibility of an old flame being rekindled.  

It's clear that "the Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels doesn't need wrestling.  Whether he wants it is an entirely different conversation.

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