Rangers-Islanders: New York Rivalry Renewed

Greg ScarazziniContributor IFebruary 19, 2009

The New York Rangers were able to beat the rival Islanders 3-1 in a tight game at MSG last night. The Rangers have finally won a game giving them 68 points going from the 8thseed to the fifth seed. Nigel Dawes scored the Rangers first goal.

However, the Islanders came right back with a goal from defence man Mark Streit. As the game progressed the 1-1 score became a 2-1 score with the Rangers on top. While on the power play the Rangers would take the lead by a goal from Scott Gomez in the second period.

The rest of the game had a good flow with both sides getting scoring chances. The Rangers got pucks to the net and had good puck control which is why they won this game.

The Rangers aren't a team that will beat you 6-0. The Rangers will score 2-3 goals a game and have to rely on goaltender Henrik Lundqvist who played a great game against the Islanders. Lundqvist didn't make any spectacular saves but he made the saves he is supposed to make and that's all you can ask from him.

Perhaps with a win over the Rangers biggest rivals some confidence, energy, and heart will set in and they will start winning again as they did in the beginning of the season. Either way the Rangers are going to have to start winning games if they want to make the playoffs which wont be easy.

The east is very tight and every game from here on out is going to effect whether they make it or not. Can they make it? Yes they can but will they make it?

Its all up in the air now for the Rangers, it all depends on how they play during the last stretch of the season. Though things don't look good at least this team won a game and didn't lose a game they should have won such as the loss to Florida in the shootout.

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