Paralyzed Youth Hockey Player Victim of Cyberbullying on Twitter

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 19, 2012

Photo Credit: FoxSportsNorth
Photo Credit: FoxSportsNorth

Jack Jablonski already has enough on his plate after being paralyzed during a hockey game. Adding a heaping does of cyberbullying would have pushed just about anyone over the edge. 

Not Jablonski. 

The young man has dealt with all the hardship like a man well beyond his years, causing his would be bullies to fail in their assumed target. 

KARE 11 reports Jablonski, a Minnesota teen paralyzed after a hockey hit, has been receiving nasty tweets by cyberbullies. 

Don't feel sorrow, because the young man has this one. 

Fox Sports North (h/t Big Lead Sports) reports on an inspiring tale of one player defying his early prognosis, and working his way back to a dream in the form of one day skating again. 

Back in December, the sophomore at Benilde-St. Margaret's High School was checked into the boards during a junior varsity game and had his spine severed. 

At that time, he was told by doctors he would never walk again, and more than likely, would never regain the use of his arms. 

According to the report, he has already moved his left leg and ankle as well as a finger on his left hand. The young man has more wonder up his sleeve. 

As KARE 11 reports, bullies took to Twitter to make fun of Jablonski. Most of the offending Twitter accounts have already been deleted. 

What's left is this tweet sent from Jablonski to one of the now-vacant accounts.


@jabsjokes_ not gonna play this game buddy. Love to meet you some day...

— Jack Jablonski (@Jabs_13) July 17, 2012

Spoken like a truly confident and mature human being, unlike how the cowards hid behind monikers like @jabsjokes. 

Not sure what kind of hackneyed stuff they threw out into the swath of Twitter garbage, but I'm sure they thought it was funny, and that scares me. 

Fortunately, we have people like Jablonski to inspire and motivate while others try to be pretty much useless. 


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