Is Randy Savage A Hall of Famer? "Oh Yeah"

kingluc1ferContributor IFebruary 19, 2009

It seems that in today's wrestling world, any jobber is getting into the WWE Hall of Fame without ever really having any real impact on the wrestling world.

Sure, the WWE makes all of their Hall of Famers look great by rolling a nice video clip of their wrestling matches, but does it matter? Sure, they show the Hall of Famer's greatest moments, but what have many of these wrestlers really done to get into the WWE Hall of Fame?

Hell what has The Miz done to really get rewarded with the joke award, "The Slammy"? Some of the guys in the WWE Hall of Fame were just wrestlers because they had no real choices but to be wrestlers, while others who are not in the WWE Hall of Fame are more deserving than most already enshrined.

One of those wrestlers most deserving of being inducted is none other than The Macho Man, Randy Savage.

"Ohhhh Yeahhhhh" 

That's right, Macho Man Randy Savage should have already been a inducted, but hasn't. Why should recent wrestlers be in the WWE Hall of Fame before The Macho Man?

For example: Stone Cold Steve Austin was great during his run, but is he really deserving of Hall of Fame status ahead of so many greats that came before him?

Steve Austin, in many's opinion, was the modern day Hulk Hogan who was just everywhere and ran with the wrestling world all on his back. While many claim that Steve Austin ran with the show in the WWF he did not did it alone. He had The Rock,  Undertaker, and Kane to thank.

That's right, even Kane! If it was not for his feuds with these guys, could you really say that Austin should definitely be a Hall of Famer? Was Austin destined to be a huge star in WCW when he started? "Oh hell no" he was not.

Hulkamania ran wrestling from the 1980's to early 1990's, but is it fair to say that Hulk Hogan would have been great had it not been for the guys he wrestled against? While Hogan was great, it was great matches with hall of famer Andre The Giant that gave him the true super stardom he now has.

It was his run as one half of the Mega Powers that further pushed Hogan over the top and into the great category in the WWF. Hulk hogan had a great run on WCW also, winning the WCW Heavyweight Title on numerous occasions. But is it fair to say he did not have Nash and Hall to thank? Is it fair to say that Hogan is the greatest of all time? "No brothers" no it is not.

Now, back The Macho Man. Randy Savage was the equivalent to Hulk Hogan in my opinion in every way. If there is ever to be a wrestler that can ever be compared to Hulk Hogan, it has to be Randy Savage.

When you look at his career path, you can clearly see the record and they equal to great Hall of Famer. While Hulk hogan ruled the world, and many were all caught up on Hulkamania, there was still a Macho Man.

When Hogan was making headlines at WrestleMania, there was still a Macho Man getting praised for his in-ring abilities.

Hell, when there was a Hulk Hogan nasty tasting ice cream there was also a Macho Man ice cream that tasted just as bad. Hulk Hogan managed to make the cut on a Rocky film, while Macho Man layed a beating on Spider-Man. Hulk Hogan has a reality show on VH1, Macho Man disses hogan on a rap song. Macho Man even has a black version of himself that is very popular on TNA called the Black-Machismo.

Can Hogan say he has one? Through the eye of the storm that we call Hulkamania, there was still a Macho madness.

Macho Man Randy Savage has done all that there is to do in the wrestling world and yet he is not in the WWE Hall of Fame. The Macho Man has won many world titles in his days of wrestling—more than many of the undeserving wrestlers in the Hall of Fame.

He has had great feuds with Diamond Dallas page on wcw, and he has punked Triple-H on youtube. The Macho Man has had great WrestleMania matches—landing five elbow drops on the Ultimate Warrior and legendary matches against Ricky Steamboat.

Randy Savage has had a great wrestling career, and it is just disappointing that the WWE does not mention him in any way or form. They are all high on Austin leading the way for the Hall of Fame this year, but can you really say that Austin deserves to be a Hall of Famer before the Macho Man?

The WWE has inducted Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair into the Hall of Fame—greats of their time—yet no Macho Man.

Good old Jim Ross has said many times that Randy Savage would make a great Hall of Famer, and many can agree.

This year's Hall of Fame will have Stone Cold Steve Austin, which is a great accomplishment for Steve. Also, the Funks will be joining the Hall of Fame class this year for the WWE, but when are we going to see The Macho Man Randy Savage?

Randy Savage was a great wrestler for the WWE, and not having him join the Hall of Fame class anytime soon is just really unfair to all of the Macho Man's fans. Imagine the reception Randy Savage would receive if he was to be inducted into the Hall of Fame at a WrestleMania.

Does Macho Man deserve to be a WWE Hall of Famer?

"Ohhhh Yeahhhhh"