WWE News: The Ultimate Warrior Opens "Warrior University"

Richard WarrellAnalyst IIJuly 18, 2012

Source: http://www.wwezone.org/wwe-legend/wwe-legend-ultimate-warrior-pictures-gallery/attachment/wwe-legend-ultimate-warrior-2/
Source: http://www.wwezone.org/wwe-legend/wwe-legend-ultimate-warrior-pictures-gallery/attachment/wwe-legend-ultimate-warrior-2/

This story actually emerged a few days ago, but it came out a little under the radar, apparently.

Former WWE and WCW wrestler The Ultimate Warrior—known to friends outside of the business by his real name, Warrior—has opened a new website, Warrior University, which offers users motivational videos and other confidence aids for a $20 monthly subscription fee.

Warrior announced the launch of the site via YouTube. If you are a fan of Warrior's psychotic and slightly disturbing yet hilarious wrestling promos, dive right in—this is exactly that kind of video. Warrior had previously posted a video about the filming of content for the "University".

In a video on the site's homepage, Warrior claims that numerous fans have reached out to him in order to thank him for the videos he had been posting on his One Warrior Nation website and that he will now be using this service to help them full-time.

I find it hard to believe that in 2012 The Ultimate Warrior's fans—no longer easily led children—are numerous enough to net the man much money out of this. But he has done various stints as a motivational speaker and writer since the late 1990s, so perhaps he legitimately has some passion and talent in this area and is not just using his name to con fans.

Despite how the new Warrior University website is online, Warrior's Machete, his personal blog and One Warrior Nation, his official website, are still online. Both are littered with the type of content that I believe the new website will focus on if you want samples, as is his YouTube account.

The One Warrior Nation website also features messages/correspondence between Warrior and his fans, many of them indicating that the man has turned their lives around in some capacity.

Bleacher Report's predominantly US-based audience might not be aware that Warrior also recently did a reader's lifestyle Q&A column for the British men's magazine Loaded.

Around the same time as Warrior was writing this column, he was engaging in cyber warfare with men like Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash on Twitter.

It appears these were attempts at raising Warrior's profile in preparation for the launch of Warrior University.