Milwaukee Brewers News for Feb. 19

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IFebruary 19, 2009

Brewers News

- More on yesterday’s signing of Eric Gagne to a minor league deal. I really like this deal and what Gagne has to say. More HERE.

- Fan Graphs takes a look at the Eric Gagne signing.

- Mark Attanasio has some concern over the Brewers payroll.

- Ryan Braun is on the cover of the 2009 media guide. I need to get down to Milwaukee soon to get me one. I love me some media guide.

- Yovani Gallardo is still unsure of whether he’ll play in the World Baseball Classic. I can speak for nearly all Brewers fans when I again plea, “Pleeeeease doooon’t!” Oh, and I guess Gagne might play.

- The Capital Times has a story about one man’s experience at Brewers Fantasy Camp. Lucky bastard. Hey, at least this year’s fantasy baseball draft is going to be on my birthday. That’s sorta as cool, right? Free drinks for me!

- Speaking of fantasy baseball...Manny Parra, 2009 fantasy sleeper?

- The Brewers are hiring a Grounds Manager. Find out if you’re qualified.

- Bleed Cubbie Blue has a tiny blog about (now Brewer) Casey McGehee and how he is prominently featured on the Cubs pocket schedule. There’s nothing to really piss you off from this particular blog, but it still managed to piss me off somehow. Hey, remember how the Brewers won more playoff games last year? Ahh, that’s a little better.

- This genius has the Brewers finishing below .500 in ‘09. Really? Come on! I’m a bit of a homer, but that is ridiculous. Read Tyler’s post below. Close to the same thing applies to this article except this guy has no national credibility.

- Yes! Finally!


Minor Leagues

- Apparently Mat Gamel has had a sore shoulder for a few days but neglected to tell team physicians. I hope this doesn’t become a reoccurring thing with Mr. Gamel. He only is going to hurt himself and the team by not disclosing this stuff sooner. More HERE.

- Fan Graphs profiles Brewers minor leaguers.

- Brew Crew Ball takes an in-depth look at why Alcides Escobar’s BABIP was so high last year and what to expect from him in the future. I’m not explaining BABIP. Jack? Or just read it.


Other News

- Griffey is a Mariner again.