Bucks Drop Important Game As Trade Deadline Looms

Bleacher Report Senior Analyst IFebruary 18, 2009

This one is a little bit hard to swallow. The Chicago Bulls are one team that are chasing the Bucks for that eighth seed. Milwaukee (27-30) couldn't keep the charging Bulls at bay dropped to Chicago 113-104. This leaves the Bucks one and a half games up on Chicago and two games up on the New Jersey Nets as they looked to lose as well, being down 20 late in the 4th quarter.

Although Milwaukee does lead the Chicago by three wins in the win column.

It was a back and forth game, one that Milwaukee seemed lucky just to be in. Poor shooting was the Bucks theme tonight. Last night Milwaukee had five turnovers, tonight 21. Yet the Bucks looked to be in the game even into the 4th quarter. The momentum changed oddly enough after Kirk Hinrich looked to be fouled, and was not called.

He became fired up as did the Bulls coach who got T'ed up but at the same time, looked calm and cool only asking "how was that not a foul?" a few times. At any rate after the free throw, a very fired up Hinrich stole the ball from Sessions and then went on to hit a 3 pointer on the next possession. The Bucks couldn't recover from that as the teams went on and swapped buckets for free throws.

It's a shame to lose to a team fighting for the same spot as you, while at home, and while they have a few key role players unavailable due to a Gooden and Nocioni, for Brad Miller and John Salmons.

The Bucks got a big effort out of RJ who scored 32 points, six boards and 11-12 from the line. Give him his second consecutive TBC player of the game. CV had a solid game with 17 and 12 but you put together he and Sessions' shooting night and you get 10-27.

That's a lot of missed shots. Tough to make those points up. Session and Bell also had 12 and 10 respectively. It's really uncertain if this game outcome has any ramifications on whether or not the Bucks make a deal before tomorrows deadline

As far as Bucks trade possibilities, ESPN has a running post going that seems to sum up the chances well. Basically it says the Bucks could send Jefferson to the Cavs for Wally Szczerbiak's expiring contract or to the Trail Blazers for LaFrentz's expiring contracts and pieces.

ESPN's Chris Broussard cites a "person close to the Vince Carter situation" as saying he expects Jefferson to be sent to Portland. Well, ok then "person." It seems though as if LaFrentz and Outlaw for Jefferson and Ridnour deal was nixed by Portland. Broussard even lists San Antonio as a possible destination for Jefferson, the pieces in that deal were not listed.

I can't make that pitch Coach.

Milwaukee gets a tough match up Friday night against the Cleveland Cavaliers 7:30 pm at home.