My Top 10 Superstars in the WWE Today

Chad RobinsonCorrespondent IFebruary 19, 2009

Here is a list of who I believe are the top 10 young wrestlers in the WWE today.


10. Jack Swagger: A lot of people will disagree but at such a young age with impressive in ring ability and an ever improving mic skills. This guy has talent by the barrel full and will be here a long time. 


9. Ted DiBiase: Has made an impressive entrance into the WWE with a few tag championships already. He has the pedigree and fairly impressive mic skills even if we don't here him all that often. He is also currently being given a major push.


8. Evan Bourne: I put him at eight, as he is not only a decent wrestler he is an entertainer, who is still developing mic skills, but nonetheless will be a future star.


7. The Boogeyman: Okay weird selection, you're thinking, right. However, he is simply being used incorrectly. I like the idea but instead of being funny, how bout plain evil and scary. He is dominant in the ring and has a great gimmick.


6. Paul Birchill: Not the youngest but a great wrestler with above average mic skills. He just needs to find the right gimmick. I mean, first a British? (hello already got regal), then a pirate, and incest angle. What the hell.


5. Kofi Kingston: A high-flying Jamaican who is suited to either a heel or face. Either way he is a magnificent wrestler.


4. C.M Punk: One of the best technical wrestlers around today. Just hasn't got over with the fans enough. However give him time to build a fan base and you have a main eventer.


3. MVP: Great at a heel better as a face. Best gimmick in the wwe right now and great in ring skills. Top three mic skills in all wrestlers. He truely is the M.V.P.


2. John Morrison: First he carried M.N.M then he carried ECW after Benoit now hes carrying the Miz. This guy reminds a lot of people of Shawn Michaels. Great mic skills, great charisma, great ability and confidence. In my opinion, he will be a WWE champion many times.


1. Who else, Randy Orton: A young multiple World Champ who has a great finisher , best mic skills and even when heel gets cheers from the crowd. A future Hall of Famer mark my words. R.........................K.............................O!!!