Old School Wrestlers vs. New School Wrestlers

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IFebruary 19, 2009

The question has been asked who is better, Old School or New School?

People have had their take on it, but I can't seem to decide. I could definitely make a case for both of them, as picking one over the other is very hard to do.


Old School

People say old school was boring. They is no top-rope stuff, no back-flips, or anything of that nature. That's what I love about old school, though. They do things the right way, the old-fashioned way.

Old School wrestlers like Bruno, Hogan, and Flair are the reason the new school is wrestling today.

Old school can be boring at times, but they know how to build heat, or pops, without rushing reactions.

People like Piper, Bret Hart, and Flair excelled when submissions were a popular form of offense. The old school genre made the leg drop, elbow drop, and many other basic staples of today, the big finishers of yesterday.

Roddy "Rowdy" Piper said "Old School is cool." I believe that because the legends built the foundation for the new school wrestlers today, you cannot ignore their contributions to the sport of wrestling.

Old School is the original and there is nothing better than the original.


New School

The New School has a lot going for it, especially thanks to the rising popularity of professional wrestling today.

New School has a lot of innovative moves that are used every day on TV. They are more athletic than the Old School wrestlers thanks in large part to new methods of training, and the vast array or ethnic backgrounds that have come to the forefront of wrestling.

Many of today's wrestlers learned from the legends themselves. Many have trained under the eyes of histories fiercest competitors.

New School wrestlers incorporate much of what was done in the past, as well as creative new twists on many aspects of their character that allow them to put their own personal touch on things.

The finishers that new school wrestlers use today look far more painful than the leg-drop finishers of yesteryear.

I think the advantage they have over the old school wrestlers is their speed and athleticism. The training they do now compared to the old schoolers allows previously unimaginable things to become realities. The new school wrestlers are able to do things that the old school wrestlers could not.

One thing that remains a constant is the foundation laid by old school wrestlers. It is a staple of any match. This shows that the lasting impact of the legends is the foundation for the success of the new breed of wrestler.