I Hear Voices Pt. 16: HBK? JBL? Someone New Joins Quest To Challenge Taker

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 18, 2009

Well folks, there's a spoildf on the way, so you might want to leave.

For those who stayed, I will feed your curiosity. This week’s Smackdown has been taped already and someone else has entered the Undertaker hunt.

When—or if —you tune into Smackdown this Friday, you will see a segment cut by GM Vickie Guerrero. Guerrero stated that neither JBL nor “HBK” Shawn Michaels owns or has the right to challenge the Undertaker.

Surprisingly, she didn't call off the match. Instead, she added more fuel to the fire. Vladimir Kozlov has been walking around for months since leaving ECW, stating that he wants "competition.”

Thus, Kozlov wasted no time in issuing a challenge to the winner of the HBK vs. JBL match for the right to challenge the ‘Taker.

This is a good move by WWE. They have to stretch this story just a tad bit, and the Kozlov add-on is a great fit.

JBL is mostly likely going to lose. I'll say he has a 99.9 percent chance of losing. I leave that .1 percent because WWE likes to throw curveballs every chance they get. I was wondering when someone else not named Orton, Jericho, Cena, Triple H, HBK, JBL, Hardy, or Christian would get some spotlight.

Back to the subject, HBK looks lined up for the Undertaker. The segment HBK and Taker had at the Royal Rumble gave it all away. HBK defeating JBL in an "all or nothing" match was further indication that the showstopper was moving on to confront the “Deadman.”

Comments from fans on message boards also felt the same way. One person wrote, "I can't wait for HBK to knock JBL's teeth down his throat so he can move on to ‘Taker.”

It looks like the end of JBL now. The Wall Street gimmick has met its last stop.

HBK told JBL that he should facing Taker, and reminded him of his Wrestlemania accomplishments.

Unless JBL hires another superstar, or is economically involved with a superstar, his gimmick will be misused for here on out.

HBK and JBL already had enough pressure in their match, but now they have to worry about Kozlov. He wants competition and he's been ready for a long time. I'm all for HBK beating JBL.

I think it will happen anyway. Kozlov is a wild joker.

Koslov has yet to be pinned in singles competition and that may be enough for WWE to overlook good ol' HBK for a "streak vs. streak" match. But could WWE really turn away the “Deadman” vs. the “Showstopper?”

These two have meet before in the past. Undertaker and Kozlov is a huge gamble. WWE will go with HBK in the end. They’re smart—or are they? I guess only time will tell.

For now, Koslov will finally get some competition as the Russian monster awaits HBK or JBL.