Alex Rodriguez: The Baseball Anti-Christ

Michael PeriattCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2009

OK, maybe the title is a little harsh, but think about it. 

Every true baseball fan is not happy with Barry Bonds holding the most hallowed record in sports.  Even though he says he didn't "knowingly" do it, Bonds juiced and we will all watch as he is charged and probably convicted of perjury. 

Unfortunately, however, Bonds' home run record can't be thrown in that jail cell with him.

But that used to be okay.  You see, we had a back-up plan. An ace in the hole, per se.  Not everyone loved him, but hey, who wouldn't rather see Alex Rodriguez have the record, than the ultimate symbol of how steroids had temporarily plagued baseball?

Alex Rodriguez was our Savior.

At least he could restore order to the baseball record book and all the baseball greats who had been tossing and turning in their graves could RIP again.

But all that went awry when we learned that A-Rod was one of "them."  Our Savior was nothing more than another juicer. A fake.

A-Rod has truly become "A-fraud."

All A-Rod's homers and all the hope that tagged along with them will forever be tarnished.  Baseball fans now have to play the waiting game because we had no Plan B. 

We bet the house on A-Rod and our hand was looking pretty good.  No one outside of the Canseco followers thought A-Rod was a cheat.  He was consistently hitting 40+ home runs and he showed no signs of slowing down. 

Unfortunately, the house flipped over pocket aces and we lost everything.

So, now what?

Baseball fans will undoubtedly have to endure the long painful aftertaste of the steroid era.  For years, a juicer, whether it be Bonds or A-Rod, will be the technical "Home Run King."

Fans have to look for hope in new places, but as baseball enters an era where home runs are dropping, the prospects are looking grim for the future.

The only two players I consider having a legitimate shot are Albert Pujols, who has had health problems, and Ryan Howard, who is still so young that no one knows what will happen. 

So sorry Babe! Sorry Hank! You will have to cringe like the rest of us as we wait eagerly and impatiently for someone to save us from our plight.

But nonetheless, I will still rest my hope on the Pujols, the Howards, and all the other summer heroes, hoping blindly that they do do away with the injustice in an unjust world and that's what makes the game great; the hope, the what could be, and the what might happen.