Griffey Drama Continues To Highten

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2009

It is Wednesday night and still no word on where Ken Griffey, Jr. will play this season. Conventional wisdom seems to point towards a signing with the Atlanta Braves, but every second Griffey isn't inked by the Braves seems like a second closer he'll be to heading back to Seattle where the legendary player started his career.

Multiple media reports indicated Monday that Griffey would make a decision by the days end. The day ended and there was still no decision. Then the same sources reported that he would pick a team early Tuesday and possibly report Wednesday for the first day of full team workouts.

Around noon on Tuesday the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that a source close to Griffey confirmed he had chosen to play for the Braves and contract negotiations were underway. Later that day Griffey and his agent made a point to make it known that the story was not accurate and he had not made a decision. Griffey himself said that he planned to make an announcement Wednesday, but as we approach 8:00 pm on the East Coast, there is still no word from Orlando. Just silence.

While most of major league baseball has been focused on Alex Rodriguez and his steroid saga, fans of the Braves and Mariners could not care less. The building drama around a 39-year-old left fielder, who only hit .245 last season, has been much too tense for fans of the two sub-.500 2008 teams to focus on a poor acting job in Tampa.

Even if ESPN were to report on the story, which for some reason they have no interest what so ever in, it seems now that there might not be anything to report for some while. While those of use who would like to move on from the steroids topic (which from polls, seems to be the majority of Americans) would like to know where the future Hall of Famer will land in the next day, it is starting to seem like the most sure thing we know is that we won't know anything for a while.

While it is understandable that this is Griffey's first go around as a free agent, his multiple delays in announcement are growing quite annoying to both fan bases and the media covering the unnecessary drama. No answer on Monday was no surprise, it was understandable to want a night to sleep on it Tuesday, but to openly tell front offices, media and fans who are anxiously awaiting a decision one way or another that you will announce a decision on Wednesday only to stay completely silent the entire day, is just not right.

At this pace there is honestly not a known end in site. Junior could announce tonight that he will be at Braves camp on Thursday or he could announce next week that he'll rejoin the club he broke through with in 1989. At this point it is anyone's guess. Conventional wisdom still points towards the Braves, but it also said this deal was done yesterday.

We still await your answer Mr. Griffey, what ever it is, we will all be glad for this to be over.

UPDATE: Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports is reporting that Ken Griffey Jr. has signed a one year deal with the Seattle Mariners in a surprising turn of events. As this article is proof though, nothing is done until we see an official announcement.