Petey Williams: TNA's Huge Loss

Kale SherarContributor IFebruary 18, 2009

As many people now know, Maple Leaf Muscle Petey Williams will lose a match on TNA tomorrow night where there is a "you're fired"-type stipulation. Unfortunately, this is not a storyline, and he was actually released from the company the day of the taping (last Tuesday).

First off, I want to explain to the people who do not know why he was released. His contract was set to expire next month, and TNA decided not to renew it.  I have read from various pro wrestling news sites that Petey did not do drugs, did not drink, did not bitch and complain, and would take whatever he was given creatively.  This sounds like the perfect person to have backstage. Unfortunately, he wasn't a Jarrett ass-kisser, which some felt led to his release from the company. 

This is a huge hit to the Frontline, as they are now without one of their top guys.  Also, Petey has been with the company since 2004, and has won but 2 X Division Titles. That is not the way a company should treat a person who helped them develop.  I completely disagree with the fact that you have to kiss Double J's ass to stick around, like Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash do.

Also, TNA didn't want to be pegged as a last resort for former WWE employees, so I ask, why would they hire Steven Richards to play a therapist, and release one of the three top Frontline stars?  There appears to be some serious problems with that company, and I'm not one to judge, but I think Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett need to open their eyes to the young talent that is going to waste in a company that I once considered decent.

This is a major letdown for not only me, but TNA as well.  Petey could've gone on to be a star, a multiple time World Champ, a Legend.  But instead, they're focusing on guys who need to retire, and can't deliver much to the company/industry anymore.  I can see Williams joining WWE down the road, and becoming a huge success there.  And the day that happens, I hope TNA crumbles to the ground.  In writing this, I finally feel how Jerry Jarrett felt when he left TNA.  And for those of you who don't know, Jerry left because he didn't agree on where Jeff was taking it.

Don't worry Petey fans, I'm sure TNA will get there's someday, and we'll all be able to laugh in their face together.