Arsenal Transfers: 5 Reasons Lewis Holtby Would Be Walcott's Best Replacement

Raul HingoraniCorrespondent IIJuly 18, 2012

Arsenal Transfers: 5 Reasons Lewis Holtby Would Be Walcott's Best Replacement

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    Arsenal has been one of the hot clubs so far during this transfer window. They started off the summer with two good signings in Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud. 

    The Gunners will continue to look at further additions to their squad if they are to be serious contenders to win a trophy next season. 

    Amongst all the news of players being linked to Arsenal, the Robin van Persie saga has been taking various turns. At this point in time, it was reported in that Arsenal will not let the Dutchman leave the club this summer.

    This could be good and bad for the club.

    In the midst of van Persie's situation, there have been reports that Theo Walcott could be heading out of the Emirates this summer. It was reported in The Sun that Liverpool are interested in the speedy winger.

    So if Walcott is to be heading out, the Gunners will need to look for a replacement.

    Arsenal have been linked with forwards such as Ibrahim Afellay (,) Victor Moses (Daily Mail) and Lewis Holtby (Mirror). 

    Between these three attackers, I think that Lewis Holtby would be the wisest option to pick at the moment in the case of Theo Walcott's departure.

    Here are five reasons why.

He Is Only 21 Years Old

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    Arsenal is a team that likes to target young players who have a load of potential and a big future ahead of them. 

    Lewis Holtby is the kind of player that fits this category. 

    At only 21 years old, he has already displayed some promising talent. With this kind of talent at such a young age, he could certainly become a big talented player in the years to come.

    There are also many other youngsters at Arsenal who are waiting to break out and prove that they really have a future in football. So Holtby wouldn't be the only one going down this road. Players like Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Ryo Miyaichi are both players who have big futures. 

    At Arsenal, Lewis Holtby would get the chance to prove that he an become a big-time player and an influential piece of Arsenal's game.

He Would Add Great Passing Ability to the Team

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    Lewis Holtby is also one of the young players who has good vision and good passing abilities. When he gets himself established in a match, he is dribbling well and he is making great, key passes. 

    He can make key assists when necessary and he can also produce good crosses from the wing. 

    Arsenal is a team that is based off of passing, so with the passing skills that he has, Lewis Holtby would be effective as a player wearing Arsenal colors.

He Has Good Dribbling Skills

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    At this point in time, Arsenal is in need of a good dribbler. Right now, they don't have a specific player who can take on defenders one-on-one and beat them. 

    There are players like Gervinho, Chamberlain, and van Persie who are capable of taking on defenders, but they need someone who dribbles players on a regular basis.

    Lewis Holtby has the dribbling skills that could help this Arsenal team. 

    With these dribbling skills, Arsenal could expand the creativity of their attack, produce more chances, and score more goals.

    With Holtby yet to reach his prime, his dribbling skills could become even more influential with time.

He Would Have Two Experienced Compatriots as Teammates

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    Having national teammates as club teammates would do nothing but benefit a player. 

    In Lewis Holtby's case, he would have Lukas Podolski and Per Mertesacker as teammates if he joined Arsenal. Both Podolski and Mertesacker are experienced players who have played together in key matches for Germany, and have also played for big clubs.

    Lewis Holtby is only 21 years old, as I mentioned earlier, and having two experienced compatriots to guide you at your club would be the ideal situation for any player.

    Podolski just joined Arsenal this summer, so he would be in a situation that would be similar to Holtby's if he joined Arsenal.

    Mertesacker has played in the Premier League for one season, so he has an idea of how play is in the Premier League.

    With that, Holtby could improve his play greatly and develop as a player with the help of two experienced players. 

He Wouldn't Have Problems Adapting to Arsenal's Play and the Premier League

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    So, with all of the information mentioned above, Lewis Holtby is a player that would not have a problem adapting to matches in the Premier League.

    He has the passing skills to be influential in Arsenal's attack; that is something that will be key for his Arsenal career. With this, he would eventually manage to learn and adjust to the defenses of the other Premier League teams.

    Then his dribbling will be a big factor in posing a threat to the opposing defense. It is also one of Arsenal's necessities at the moment. So, his dribbling skills would allow him to establish himself in the Gunners' attack.

    Then, with the help of his two German compatriots, he could adapt to Arsenal and the Premier League with even more ease.

    Ultimately, the Arsenal is the right team for Holtby to join to be successful in the Premier League.


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    Well, in the end, a potential move to Arsenal for Lewis Holtby would all depend on Theo Walcott's decision to extend his contract.

    If he decides to extend it, Arsenal will not be in need of an extra forward.

    However, if the opposite is the case, then Lewis Holtby would be the best attacking option to replace Theo Walcott.

    So, do you think Lewis Holtby would be a good replacement for Theo Walcott if he decides to leave?

    Thanks for reading!