The Dynasty Manifesto: I Was Wrong All Along....WWE Has Set Up Two Blockbusters

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 18, 2009

I, like a handful of people were utterly disgusted at the turn of events that transpired on this past Monday's RAW. I'll give a quick recap: Shane McMahon was "somehow" still around after he "supposedly" was sent to the hospital after Orton ran all over him like an express train at No Way Out. Stephanie went with him to the hospital, so that made Smackdown GM Vickie Guerrero the highest ranking official at the PPV.

After Kofi Kingston was at the connecting end of a conchairto, Vickie allowed Edge into the RAW chamber match. Long story short, Edge walked out champion. RAW had no world title and I was just itching for a Orton and Edge feud. My mind was in la la land. WWE's two top heels (Jericho is actually No. 1) going at it at Wrestlemania was the only thought in my head. I even used a the topic in one of my Word Life articles.

Boy was I wrong.

I should have known that WWE wouldn't put a heel vs heel match. What was I thinking? Shame on me. What we saw was Cena coming down to the ring to confront Edge instead of Orton. Cena cut a segment as usual. I wasn't usual. Towards the end, Cena grabbed me. He gave Edge his two cents.

I was disappointed and aggravated to see WWE pit these two guys against each other after we saw them duke it out for nearly the entire 2006. Edge brought up key points in their last feud and I saw something special, I saw camaraderie, I saw chemistry, I saw a blockbuster.

Many people are probably still angry about these two feuding again. I was too, but I saw the brighter side though. We know the story, we know the history, we know the matches, we know it all. In a new rivalry, there's always that risk of failure. We've seen the two go at it before, but hear me out. It might not be something new, but it's a great product still. How? We've experienced it. Once great...always great.

Say you purchase Smackdown vs RAW 2008 for whatever system you own. You played it, you loved it. About a year later, the 2009 version hits the selves. Is it good? Maybe...maybe not. That is a gamble you will have to take. WWE could take a gamble and are very well able to do so..but they won't on this. They've taken a gamble on the whole Christian/ECW thing.

Say you go to a restaurant. You see dishes that interest you, but most people rather go with what they know is good and like. That is what WWE is doing. WWE knows they can't go wrong with Edge vs Cena, it was great. I loved the feud. Edge was evolving into the major heel that he is now, and Cena was transforming to the ultimate "most hated" face. Let them keep clashing.

The Rock and Austin did that. Did you notice a pattern in their classic showdowns? WM15, WM17, and WM19. They each were two years apart. Don't confuse my words here. I'm in no shape or form comparing Cena and Edge to Rock and Austin. I'm just saying that great feuds have life spans and to keep them alive longer WWE has to blow out the candle...then light it again.

Think of it as a box of dynamite. Cena and Edge already blew up a crate. They have a new one now. Everytime the chord is getting closer to the dynamite, WWE will throw water on it. They'll save the fireworks for Wrestlemania. A couple of sparks started to fly when Edge reminded Cena of what he did to Cena Sr, then he mocked him with his "you can't see me" taunt. Edge proceeded to leave and Cena vice gripped his arm.

"If you hide, I'll find you."

"If you run, I'll catch you."

"We will fight."

That is when WWE threw water and put out the fire....for now.

The other feud is Triple H and Randy Orton. New? No. Fought a lot? Yes.

In 2004 Orton feuded with Triple H after his Evolution termination. In 2006, Orton once again bumped heads with Triple H when DX (Triple H and HBK) feuded with Rated-RKO (Randy Orton and Edge). In 2007 and 2008, the two sparred in the battlefield yet again. Orton left Triple H defeated in on an announce table at No Mercy after a devastating RKO. Triple H would return in 2008, but couldn't stop the Legendkiller at WM24, as he retained the WWE title.

In 2009, they'll do it again.

What a history they have right? Teacher and the student. The game and the viper. Shane McMahon challenged Orton to an Unsanctioned match. No ref, no rules, nothing. (It's not a match's just a fight) Shane really believed that Orton would keep Legacy out of the match?! Gullible McMahons, he should have known he would have gotten jumped.

He too would join in father on the "punted" list. He got his skull and his forebrain rearranged. Stephanie came out and started screaming. Orton had that regretful look on his face...deja vu. This time, Stephanie confronted Orton. "WHY?!" She yelled. Orton RKO'ed her.

She was calling for help earlier in the night. We all knew it was Triple H.

Well ol' big nose arrived too late, and without his sledgehammer (If he wants to beat Legacy, then he'll need that hammer for the numbers game). His face vibrated and he looked like a vacuum sucking up all the air with his nose.

Triple H wants Orton, and the feud is rekindled. The interesting part is that Cena is hunting Edge, who's on Smackdown and Triple H is hunting Orton, who's on RAW. I have nothing to worry about and neither should you guys. Would you rather take a gamble and come up with crap? (see: Mysterio/Knox feud) Or do you want to go with what you know and relax? The choice is yours.