WWE Money in the Bank 2012 Results: John Cena Win Puts WWE Title in Spotlight

Adam WellsFeatured ColumnistJuly 17, 2012

Courtesy of WWE
Courtesy of WWE

For all the hatred and backlash that John Cena gets for always winning matches, never selling losses and generally not caring about his feuds, the fact that he is back in the WWE title picture after Money In the Bank is a good thing for WWE. 

I have been as vocal a critic of Cena and WWE for not even trying to push anyone new into the main-event mix, but at some point, you can't keep beating a dead horse, knowing full well that no one making the decisions is going to listen to you. 

Since we all know that Cena is going to be the only star on the roster given a serious, main-event push, WWE had to put him back in the championship picture.

Frankly, it is a miracle that it has taken eight months in between title programs for Cena. 

CM Punk has all the wrestling talent in the world. He is a very good talker and enough charisma to connect with the audience. The problem is, Punk has never been a big-money draw in WWE. He had one great promo last year, but even that was geared more toward the niche internet audience than something that was going to draw in casual fans the way Cena does. 

As champion, Punk has not been in a main event since the December TLC pay-per-view. That was the one show Cena didn't have a match on. 

It is time for WWE to start making the championship into the most prized possession in the sport. WWE has devalued the belts so much over the last five years that you have to go to the website just to remind yourself who holds all of them at a given moment. 

There was a time when the championship was always a drawing card. Even if it was on the shoulder of someone who was not very good, you always wanted to know who the champion was. 

Unless WWE is going to put its creative muscle behind someone other than Cena, he needs to be in the championship picture. Money In the Bank put him back in the mix for the gold and Cena issued the challenge to Punk on Raw Monday night. 

It may not be what the Cena haters want to see, but for the WWE championship, it is a good thing to have him in the mix.


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