5 WWE Mid-Carders That Shouldn't Get a Push

Ross BentleySenior Analyst IJuly 16, 2012

5 WWE Mid-Carders That Shouldn't Get a Push

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    The WWE mid-card has actually been developing rather nicely in recent months.

    Current mid-carders like Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, and Ryback seem destined for the main event scene sooner rather than later and have been building up their resume nicely.

    Former main event-ers like Christian are also keeping the credibility of the mid-card up, while Kofi Kingston and R-Truth lead a rebuilding tag team division that features teams like the Prime Time Players, Primo and Epico and The Uso's.

    However, there are certain mid-carders who are taking valuable time away from others who deserve it more. 

    Here are five WWE mid-carders who should not be getting pushed any time soon. 

5. The Great Khali

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    It's sort of a cop out including Khali on this list, since it is so obvious why he should not get a push.

    Still, the WWE forces me to put him here, because for whatever reason, he keeps showing up week after week. 

    Part of me feels bad for Khali since the guy can barely even walk at this point. I have no idea why he is continuing to try and be a professional wrestler. Maybe a career in acting in his native India would suit him better at this point.

    Khali reached his peak five years ago when he was the World Heavyweight Champion, but he has been going downwards ever since. 

    Whether or not he is a heel or a face, even having Khali in matches to job takes TV time away from a more talented wrestler. 

    It seems unlikely that Khali will get any sort of a push, but in the WWE, stranger things have happened. 

4. Santino Marella

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    Unfortunately, Santino Marella has already gotten a push and is the reigning United States Champion. 

    Everything about Santino is a comedy act. The entrance, his voice, the Cobra, his fear of ladders, everything. 

    I see the purpose of having him on the roster, but under no circumstances should he be a US Champ with that gimmick.

    I understand that if given the opportunity, Santino really can wrestle, but he has gone too far with this gimmick, and having him on TV every week beating worthy competitors is a huge mistake.

    I understand the argument that he is over, but so is Zack Ryder. And look at how the WWE has treated him. 

    Marella needs to lose the US Championship to an up-and-coming heel like Damien Sandow soon and then go back to jobbing and do what he does best: entertain in backstage comedy segments without a title belt around his waist. 

3. Sin Cara

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    It is time for the WWE to simply recognize that the Sin Cara experiment has been a failure. 

    Sin Cara has been unable to catch on with fans, and despite his high-flyer pedigree, he has been plagued with botches throughout his career, which popped back up at last night's Money in the Bank match.

    Despite attempts to make him relevant, Sin Cara is now nothing more than a novelty act with a very limited ceiling in the WWE.

    It would be best for everyone involved if he went back to Mexico. Sin Cara is tremendously popular there, and he would be featured much more.

    Meanwhile, the WWE would have one less guy that would be ahead of capable high flyers currently on the roster, such as Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd. 

2. Heath Slater

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    Is it better to be a jobber but consistently get on TV or to not be on TV at all?

    I suppose Heath Slater would be an interesting person to ask this question.

    Slater is getting more exposure than he's had in months, jobbing to or getting embarrassed by returning legends such as Bob Backlund, DDP, Vader, and even Cindi Lauper. 

    However if it was up to me, Slater would be nowhere near a television broadcast. 

    Slater's in-ring work is decent, but his look and gimmick are atrocious.

    Slater's long, flowing red hair is about the least intimidating hair-do of a wrestler you could ever see. Plus his "one man band" is recycled and boring.

    It is entirely possible that someone backstage has been impressed by Slater's charisma during his legendary losing streak (pun intended), and decides to push him into the mid-card title scene.

    However, there are plenty of up-and-coming heels that deserve this spot more. Slater needs to find a tag team partner and get in the tag division as soon as possible. 

1. Tensai

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    When Albert, um, I mean, Tensai returned to the WWE in 2012, he was immediately pushed into the main event and looked like a challenger for the WWE Championship.

    He even defeated both John Cena and CM Punk (!) on Raw within a matter of weeks, which is practically unheard of. 

    Tensai's gimmick, however, has flopped. 

    After a name change, loss of his robe and a much quicker entrance, Tensai still has little to no heat. For whatever reason, he has not caught on with the fans.

    Nevertheless, Tensai is still booked to look strong week in and week out. Would anyone have been really surprised if he had won Money in the Bank yesterday?

    I'm not saying there isn't a place for Tensai on the roster, but the push he received and may still be receiving is much better off with someone else. 

    It is obvious that Tensai is never going to turn out to be what the WWE hoped he would be when he debuted, and it's time to accept that if he is going to remain in the WWE, he should stay in the mid-card for the remainder of his run.