What Does The Future Hold For Your Team?

True BlueCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2009

We should always look to the past for an indication of where the future lies. I have roughly quoted an old saying, but we must ignore that advice if we're thinking about football.

It is simply impossible to see where any club will be in the next ten years. Manchester United seem bullet-proof at the mo' but what happens when Sir Alex moves on?

Liverpool was once the greatest team in the world, and were the kings of Europe, but its now many years since they have won their own domestic league.

Arsenal is into its fourth year without a trophy, and are likely to looking on with envy at the Champions League next season, possibly with a new owner.

So where will they be in ten or twenty years time?

Now I'm not suggesting anything disastrous will happen, but think about the two clubs that fought a relegation battle in May 1983.

Manchester City was playing at home against Luton Town. Manchester City had the pedigree, but were certainly not an unbeatable team. Luton had done well to get into the top division, but they had to win to remain in Division One.

The money wasn't as important in those days of course, but it still meant a lot to be with the big boys.

Luton Town won the game 1-0, and City was relegated down a division, and so began a slow decline.

But look at things now.

Manchester City is comfortable in a new stadium, with mega-rich owners and can see only blue sky ahead.

Luton Town is likely to be outside of the Football League after starting the season with a 30 point deduction, but they are at a Wembley Final—perhaps the clubs last great hurrah?

So what happens this year is likely to offer only a temporary, fleeting glance into the future of your club. Be they successful or not, things will change.

Enjoy the trophies whilst you can, as its almost guaranteed that the names on the silverware in 10 years time will be different.