WWE Money in the Bank 2012: How Briefcases Will Be Cashed in

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I don't think John Cena will be champion at this event
I don't think John Cena will be champion at this eventMichael N. Todaro/Getty Images

Last night at WWE's Money in the Bank Pay Per View, John Cena and Dolph Ziggler won their respective Ladder matches and now both hold a briefcase. Here is how I think both will cash in their briefcases:

For John Cena, it must be in an honorable fashion. I do not believe he will cash in the contract after CM Punk has had a match and is tired, much like how Cena has been cashed in on in the past.

I also believe that Cena will be the first ever WWE Superstar to cash in and lose his title match. Two scenario's come to mind:

The first scenario is that John Cena announces that he will cash in at the 1000th edition of RAW and face CM Punk for the WWE title. With The Rock in the building, Cena will come close but The Rock will cost Cena the match, furthering their bad blood and a possible rematch down the line, maybe even at Summerslam.

The second scenario, which seems more likely, is that Cena waits until the 1000th edition of RAW to announce he will take his WWE title opportunity at Summerslam against CM Punk, giving the two a second consecutive Summerslam main event match.

In both cases, I expect John Cena to lose and CM Punk to retain. The reason being I think that CM Punk not only deserves it but can profit greatly from a year-long title reign.

There has been ample emphasis on the fact that he is nearing several legends in terms of title tenure, particularly on the Money in the Bank telecast.

If Punk were to hold the gold for two-plus years, it would not only further cement him as a main event caliber talent in WWE, but also bring more credibility back to the championship. As of right now, the title has not been defended in the last match on a PPV at all in 2012 (though CM Punk doesn't seem to mind according to his recent tweets).

For Dolph Ziggler, I expect a different path. Look for him to hold the briefcase for several months, allowing his character to continue to grow to a main event level. This is a "slow and steady wins the race" situation for me.

I fully believe that Dolph Ziggler will become world heavyweight champion, but I would like to see him engage in one or two rivalries before I see him dethrone Sheamus. Not because I like Sheamus as champion (I don't mind it but for the purposes of my point it's not the focus), but because I think Dolph will enjoy a longer and more fruitful title reign by holding the briefcase longer and gradually increasing his elite perception.

One thing I hope we don't see on a weekly basis is Money in the Bank cash in teases, much like what we saw at the Pay-Per-View. Ziggler was about to cash in but gets a Brogue Kick, therefore the cash in becomes null and void. I don't want to see this every week and would rather get a verbal explanation as to why Dolph will wait.

End result for both; Cena cashes in honorably soon and loses, Dolph cashes in dishonorably later and wins.


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