WWE Money in the Bank 2012 Results: Dolph Ziggler Attempts Cash-In on Sheamus

William RenkenCorrespondent IIIJuly 16, 2012

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

Say what you will about Sheamus' match with Alberto Del Rio—The bar I was at had very little. Most were taking an early bathroom/smoke break in fact.

Of course Sheamus "Brogue-d up the band" and kicked Del Rio's head off, retaining his belt. This did not bring the people back to their seats in the bar. But when Del Rio and Ricardo jumped Sheamus after the match, everyone seemed to rush back in droves and get vocal.

They knew what was coming, especially after Sheamus was laid out.

And right on cue there was Ziggler to try and cash in the contract he had earned less than an hour before. Finally, he could get one up on Sheamus after getting his head kicked off throughout the last month.

No, sir. At least that's what Del Rio thought as his interference with Ziggler gave Sheamus the opening to, yep, kick his his head off once again.

Thankfully, without the bell ringing, it didn't count as an official cash-in, which was a nice swerve since just about everyone was banking on some kind of a cash-in that night regardless of whether it was from Raw or Smackdown. (The Raw MITB going last negated their potential instant cash-in.)

Ziggler's bumbled cash-in resembled Miz's flip flopping cash-ins of nearly two years ago, and by the way he fumbled it, resulting in another Brogue Kick, could Ziggler be the first winner set up to fail in cashing in?

It's too early to tell. Hopefully Cena gets that honor since he can get back into a title picture easily and quickly. But with Ziggler, it becomes another question of where he is going next while he carries the briefcase? Is it a feud with Del Rio now? Heel vs. heel? It doesn't make sense for a direct feud with Sheamus again. Maybe even a matchup with Cody Rhodes since his stock is soaring now as well.

An interesting scenario nevertheless. Who do you think Ziggler should feud with for the immediate future?