The MLB Update: Arizona Diamondbacks

Andrew NasonContributor IFebruary 18, 2009

Rotation: C+

Brandon Webb (sinker) and Dan Haren (splitter) each have a good signature pitch, and they can mix pitches up as well, but the back of the rotation is a concern.

Randy Johnson, who is 45 years old, can still throw a fastball in the mid 90's, but that's just about it.

Doug Davis, meanwhile, has good off-speed pitches but nothing to mix it up with except a mid-80's fastball and a sub-par record (6-8 W-L 4.32 ERA in 2008) shows it.

Jon Rauch was off last year with the D-Backs(0-6 W-L 6.56 ERA) and has a decent fastball but struck out only 22 batters.

The bullpen is terrible and will weigh down the rotation big time.

Lineups + Bench: B

David Eckstein will be filling a big hole at shortstop and has the bat to set up the middle of the order, once he can get back to the NL pitching that he's used to.

Orlando Hudson still has the bat (.305 BA,8 HRs, 41 RBI in 2008) to set up new guy Adam Dunn and others like Stephen Drew.

It would not surprise me to see Eric Byrnes (.206, 6 HRs, 23 RBI) go to the bench if he decides to stay with Arizona. He might be useful on the bench. Who knows?


Fielding: B-

The infield is incredible. Eckstein had a .960 fielding percentage with the Jays and had a 1.000 with the D-Backs.

If Hudson goes out, Eckstein can play second base as well. Hudson is his Gold Glove self with a FPCT of .982 and only 9 errors.

Chris Young and Justin Upton are still learning but have been great in the outfield. Someone other than Eric Byrnes needs to play LF, or the D-Backs are going to run into some problems, as Byrnes missed 111 games in 2008.


Overall: C+

Offense wins games, but pitching wins championships. The D-Backs have the offense  but virtually no pitching. However, they might have a chance, if Manny leaves the Dodgers for another division due to the mediocre NL West.


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