WWE Money in the Bank 2012 Results: Smackdown Ladder Match Scarred with Botches

Dathen BoccabellaAnalyst IIJuly 16, 2012

Image courtesy of WWE.com
Image courtesy of WWE.com

Although some critics are calling SmackDown’s Money in the Bank ladder match “a glorified spot-fest”, it was more or less an excellent start to the show.

With Dolph Ziggler rightfully picking up the victory there was only one real downside to the match—too many of the spots were badly botched.

Amongst so many high-risk moves in such an unpredictable and dangerous environment not everything is bound to go smoothly.

However, some of the botches just looked plain bad. Not to mention they took away from the otherwise solid action.

First off, there was Sin Cara and Ziggler's fall from the top rope. It appeared that Sin Cara was going for his patented Moonsault Side-slam, but slipped, resulting in what looked like a modified twisting neckbreaker.

Ziggler sold the impact excellently, as he always does; however, both men were lucky to avoid serious injury.

It is constant botches like this that make it hard to get behind Sin Cara and his unorthodox style, at least within the WWE.

Shortly afterwards Tensai botched a powerbomb on Santino Marella, where the Italian superstar wasn’t lifted off the ladder cleanly, putting him out of position for the impact. Tensai managed to adjust at the last second and potentially prevent an injury.

Tensai would then throw Marella over the top rope to a pack of men on the outside, but Marella largely missed them, falling onto the floor.

Another significant botch was with Tyson Kidd’s springboard powerbomb to Dolph Ziggler, which ended in a modified facebuster with Ziggler landing face-first instead of on his back.

There is also the question of whether Tensai’s powerbomb on Sin Cara was supposed to break the ladder for effect and to reduce the jarring impact.

Despite these several mishaps no one was injured during the matchup and everything else seemed to go as planned.

Plenty of other spots—such as Christian’s spear to Rhodes off the ladder—went off without a hitch and helped to compensate for the mishaps.

If you can look past these botches then there’s a solid ladder match to be seen.

Otherwise, the match is unfortunately scarred by several major screw ups.