Larry Fitzgerald: The Anthem of Our Dying Day

Josh NiemtzowCorrespondent IMarch 11, 2008

The hope.

The wait.

The moment.

The rumors.

The final descision.

To all Eagles fans, March 11 will always be the day, the day that could have started a victorious run to Super Bowl XLIII.

The day started, as usual, with speculation and discussion: The Eagles will get Larry Fitzgerald.

There are two kinds of eagles fans: the optimistic and the pessimistic.  I am a pessimistic one.

They say pessimism will get you nowhere.

They say optimism is the key to success.

I say pessimism is reality. 

The Eagles have been around longer than many teams, but they have yet to win a Super Bowl.  They came close in 1980, but fans watched in horror as Jim Plunkett tore apart the Eagles defense while Ron "Jaws" Jaworski threw two interceptions. 

It felt natural for me and other fans to start March 11 pouting about our unsuccessful franchise.

At school, there has always been one kid who has always been the optimistic fan. His name is Daniel Kane, a fellow Bleacher Report member.

He was the one person who believed the Eagles would do something.  He always yelled with passion "We're getting Fitzgerald or Williams!!!" even though the harsh reality was that it probably wouldn't happen.

Day after day after day, Mr. Kane would take constant criticism from Giants fans, Jets fans, and even dreadful Buccaneers fans.  There was no bringing young Daniel down, no way to change that smile into a frown.

March 11: a normal day. No one would have expected what would happen. 

Danny came in wearing his usual attire: an Eagles jersey and a Phillies hat.  I didn't see him for a while, but as soon as I got out, I saw him trying to convince people that we would indeed trade for Larry Fitzgerald. 

"Shut up Danny!" i shouted.  I couldn't take it any more. 

Before I left I heard one last thing. "The Eagles are going to land Fitzgerald soon, I can feel it." 

The hours passed as i went from class to class.  It would be 2:45 before I would find out the truth. 

The Cardinals had signed Larry Fitzgerald to a four-year contract for $40 million with $30 million guaranteed.

Reality had come back to me, and hope was diminished that very second.  I watched with shock as I was teased for being an Eagles fan.

That is when it happened. 

I was told to tell Mr. Kane that we had traded Lito Sheppard and a first round draft pick for Larry Fitzgerald, and see his reaction.

With a loud shout and fist pound, I knew he believed me.  The second he ran off shouting and went in his bus, I knew I had done wrong. I ran after him to tell him the truth, but it was too late.

Later at home I received a very sad phone call from a horrified Daniel. 

I could tell how upset he was that the signing had taken place and how ticked off he was that I had given him false hope. 

You could tell from the sound of his voice that even Danny Kane, the most optimistic fan, lost hope.

Your number one fan has lost hope, Philadelphia.

you god damn son of a bitch front office you god damn son of a bitch, look what you have done.

I pledge allegance to the Eagles, the team that I have supported through thick and thin, and to the players to whom create my enjoyment, one team, in Philadelphia with liberty and justice for all.

A wide receiver is necessary, but Andy Reid won't listen. Give me proof that you tried, and I will forgive you. That's all I need, Andy. All I need is proof that you tried, and this will all be forgotten.

Look what you've done Andy: Even the greatest supporters like Kane don't trust you.

Fans will just have to sit down because it is going to take a lot more to give us hope now.

For now, my third finger will be up on each hand and my head down, as I give you a powerful message. You fucked up. You really fucked up this time Andy.