Carlos Quentin Trade Rumors: Quentin Signs Three-Year Extension with Padres

Chris Stephens@@chris_stephens6Correspondent IIJuly 16, 2012

Carlos Quentin Trade Rumors: Quentin Signs Three-Year Extension with Padres

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    Carlos Quentin has signed a three-year, $27-million extension with the Padres, according to CBS Sports' Jon Heyman.

    The deal also includes a mutual option for 2016 for the San Diego outfielder.

    The Padres' move to sign Quentin is something of a surprise, as he was seen as a prime trade candidate this month. The signing is a big step for the Padres, a low-revenue team that's long been unable to sign stars to multiyear deals due to finances.

    So, the updates are done and Quentin is staying in his hometown.

    Analysis: This is a great move for the Padres as they have someone who will provide veteran leadership in the clubhouse.

    As we approach the MLB trade deadline, one of the hottest names on the market is San Diego outfielder Carlos Quentin.

    Known as one of the better power-hitting outfielders in the National League, Quentin is currently in a funk at Petco Park, which isn't exactly hitter-friendly.

    But history has shown that Quentin does have power, as he's hit 107 home runs over the last four seasons.

    So, where does he go?

    That's where Bleacher Report and I come in.

    No longer will you need to search out multiple sites to find the latest and greatest rumor. It will all be here.

    So, here's a look at the latest rumors on Quentin.


    Note: This will no longer be updated as Quentin is staying.

Quentin Staying?

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    July 18

    Scott Miller of CBS Sports reports that the Padres may be leaning more towards keeping Quentin.

    One person with knowledge of the Padres' thinking suggested Wednesday that the club will not deal him, opting instead to try to re-sign him this winter.

    Among those who have inquired on Quentin are the Indians, Reds, Pirates and Marlins, colleague Jon Heyman has reported. Multiple sources said Wednesday that the Padres' asking price on both Quentin and third baseman Chase Headley remains exorbitant.

    This is the same approach the Padres took with closer Heath Bell last year, instead seeing him walk via free agency.

    Analysis: The longer this goes, the more likely it is that Quentin will stay. Unless the Padres are blown away by an offer, they're hoping to re-sign him, a move that would not only keep Quentin in his hometown, but also give them a veteran leader in the clubhouse for the next few years.

    July 14

    In a video posted by Fox Sports, Ken Rosenthal said that it's more likely for the Padres to trade Headley rather than Quentin simply because of, "supply and demand."

    Quentin, on the other hand, is a potential free agent. The Padres need his power, but they're not sure that a trade would get them more than a supplemental pick that they would receive if they offered Quentin a one-year contract and then lost him on the open market.

    So, although there is interest in Quentin, teams are going to have to ante up a player that's better than the supplemental pick they would receive in next year's draft.


    Analysis: So far, there's a lot of interest in Quentin, but teams seem to not be ponying up a player or two that is worth more than a supplemental pick the Padres would receive in next year's draft by offering him a contract. The longer this stays the headline, the longer I believe Quentin will be staying in San Diego.

    Honestly, that may not be a bad thing for the Padres. Even if they don't trade him, then offer him a contract and he accepts, the Padres will have a veteran leader in the clubhouse for all of their young guys over the next few years.

    And, is that really a bad thing?

Cincinnati Reds Discussing Quentin

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    July 18

    According to a tweet by MLB Sports Report, the Padres and Reds have been in discussions in a trade for Quentin.

    #Padres and #Reds have been in trade discussions. #Padres would send OF Carlos Quentin to #Reds for P Kyle Lotzkar

    — MLB Sports Report (@MLBSportsReport) July 18, 2012

    Lotzkar is currently at Double-A Pensacola and is 4-4 with a 5.23 ERA this year. He was promoted from the Class-A Advanced California League where he was 3-0 with a 2.39 ERA.


    Analysis: Lotzkar was a supplemental pick in the 2007 draft and would likely fit the Padres' criteria for a player better than a supplemental pick they would receive in return next year. As it stands right now, there hasn't been much on the trade front in terms of Quentin, and this might be the best deal they can get in return.

Quentin Coveted by 8 Teams

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    July 11

    There's a lot of interest in Quentin, according to a report by Sports Illustrated that says at least eight teams are interested in his services. 

    However, according Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, the Reds, Pirates and Indians are the only definitive teams interested.

    Radio personality Mike Silva reported last week that the Mets may also have interest in Quentin:

    Mets have scouts following Padres big interest in Carlos Quentin. Pads want a couple prospects back. name mentioned most is Michael Fullmer.

    — Mike Silva(@MikeSilvaMedia) July 8, 2012

    The Marlins, Blue Jays and Tigers have also been rumored to be involved, but Heyman believes they will focus on other areas.

    The Tigers and Blue Jays were originally seen as teams that might make a run at Quentin, but Delmon Young is starting to hit better for the Tigers, who seem more interested in a starting pitcher (Matt Garza?) and an infielder (Marco Scutaro?), while the Jays are more likely to trade a hitter or acquire a pitcher, depending on whether they are a buyer or seller.


    Analysis: I think it's safe to count out the Marlins, Blue Jays and Tigers in this one.

    There's no clear front-runner for Quentin, as it seems teams are playing the wait-and-see game as it gets closer to the deadline.

    In all honesty, my money is on the Reds.

Cleveland's Interest

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    July 10

    According to Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer:

    The Indians are trying to deal for Carlos Quentin, but I've been told that they don't have much common ground with the Padres right now. They have talked about adding a starting pitcher. They intend to keep talking.

    Cleveland had to give up a lot last year in acquiring Ubaldo Jimenez, and I highly doubt they have the pieces that would interest the Padres, who are looking to acquire talent that can help them succeed within the next few years.


    Analysis: My guess is that Cleveland is left in the dust and sent looking elsewhere for a bat at the trade deadline.

    There's not much left on the farm that the Padres are really interested in. And, if they do have interest in those players, are they really that much better than a possible supplemental pick they can get next year?

    The Indians will continue to stay in the rumors, but for how much longer?