WWE Money in the Bank 2012 Results: Grading Each Match at the Latest PPV

Michael Guadalupe@The_GuadaFeatured ColumnistJuly 16, 2012

WWE Money in the Bank 2012 Results: Grading Each Match at the Latest PPV

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    With the Money in the Bank now officially over, it's time to take a look at the matches of the night and see just what grade each match deserved.

    Some matches on the card were superb, going above and beyond expectations.  Others fell short or were simply not needed.

    CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan for example, was easily the best match of the night.  While on the other hand, the unannounced matches were not necessary and watered down a pay-per-view that had some really good matches already scheduled.

    What failed and what did fantastic?  Read on to find out.

    Don't forget to comment at the end with your own grades for each match, and also which match was your favorite of the night.

Pre-Show: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth vs. Hunico and Camacho

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    For a preshow match, this was a pretty solid one. 

    While I may not be the biggest fan of R-Truth's little Jimmy act now that he's turned face, it was still pretty funny to see him flip out when Hunico tossed the imaginary kid out of the ring.

    The match was dominated by Truth and Kingston in the beginning, and while Hunico and Camacho were able to get some offense going, it wouldn't be enough.

    There were some good moves pulled off, like when Hunico lifted Kofi with one hand and slammed him to the mat, and when Kofi jumped off the turnbuckle and hit Hunico with a hurricanrana.

    What stood out to me the most about this match was how well both teams worked together.  Whether it was Camacho making Kofi slip on the ropes while Hunico was distracting the ref or at the end of the match when Truth threw Hunico into Kofi's S.O.S. finisher, these two groups worked well together.

    This match though, while it was great for a pre-show match, still was nothing really special.  It was better than average in the end, but was nothing really memorable and was also not for the Tag Team titles.

    Grade: C+

World Championship Contract Ladder Match

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    This match was fantastic. It was fast paced, full of action, and arguably the best man won.

    Let's start from the beginning though.  Tensai started this match out dominate.  He made short work of a bunch of other competitors and set Tyson Kidd up for a nasty bump.  Ladders were used as weapons almost right away, and it immediately took the match to another level.

    To Tyson's credit, the ladder to the face he took was one big bump, and he sold it extremely well.  As the match progressed, we watched Sin Cara botch his turnbuckle move that he was using on Dolph Ziggler.

    This is the problem I've had with Sin Cara being in this match.  While it's great he can do high flying moves, he could have seriously hurt Ziggler when he botched that move.

    With Ziggler set to win the match, if he ended up getting injured early on, what would the WWE and the competitors in that match do?

    Christian’s experience in ladder matches ended up being extremely valuable, as we saw him hit the frog splash only to miss his target and land on the ladder.

    He also had a nice little brawl with Damien Sandow that ended with Sandow getting speared onto a ladder.

    Damien Sandow didn't really do anything special besides taking some bumps, which was disappointing.

    Sandow though wasn't the only one to disappoint.  Santino was extremely disappointing in this match.  After his performance at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, Santino proved to all of us that he can really wrestle.

    That wasn't the case in this match.  Santino being afraid to climb the ladder, and having to have the cobra grab the steps was horrible.  Save the goofy antics for RAW next time.

    Overall the match was extremely impressive.  We saw some nice moves from Tyson Kidd, like when he jumped from one ladder to grab Ziggler off of another ladder and slam him to the mat.

    Vickie also managed to get involved at one point in the match, distracting Cody Rhodes as he tried to climb the ladder.

    We saw Tensai become an actual threat, slamming Sin Cara down onto the suspended ladder, and then throwing Dolph Ziggler through the air. It would take multiple competitors to take him down.

    The best part of the night though, was Ziggler winning the match. The big Dolph sign in the crowd was also a nice touch. Hopefully the WWE sees what so many of us see in him, and that is a future champion.

    Grade: A-

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio was nothing special.

    This match to me was extremely boring, especially since it was right after the Heavyweight ladder match.

    The biggest problem that I had with this brawl was that Del Rio had way to much offense.  So much that it made it unbelievable.

    After all the times that Sheamus dominated Del Rio, and even how Sheamus was able to pin Tensai, it was hard to believe Del Rio could one up the Great White.

    Del Rio focused on the arm, which was pretty boring to watch.  I still can't see why the WWE continues to push Del Rio, and can only hope now that Alberto disappears.

    This match ended like how it was expected to end, with a swift brogue kick to the head of Del Rio.

    This match was extremely one sided, favoring Del Rio.  Sheamus was able to have several moments of swift, aggressive offense which is why he got the win.

    The ending of this match could have ended extremely badly though.  Ziggler decided to cash in his brief case, and got a huge brogue kick to the head.  It ended up not counting as an actual match since the bell never rang, but still it could have easily been a nightmare.

    The Alberto and Sheamus feud needs to end.  Their matches are generally boring, and at Money in the Bank, this proved no different.

    Grade: C-

Primo and Epico vs. the Prime Time Players

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    This match was not a pay-per-view caliber match.  Maybe the WWE needs time to get ready between matches, but they could have found something much more interesting than having us sit through a match we’ve already seen on RAW.

    How many times will we see the Prime Time Players vs. Primo and Epico?  Shouldn't the Prime Time Players be feuding with Truth and Kingston at this point?

    This boring pointless match that was worse than Del Rio vs. Sheamus.

    No wonder the WWE didn't advertise this match, they might have discouraged people from buying the pay-per-view.

    I hate these random unannounced matches that the WWE likes to throw into pay-per-views.

    Grade: F

WWE Championship Match: CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan

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    What can really be said about this match?  Not only was it the best of the night, but every time I wonder how many more times we can see Punk vs. Bryan, these two amazing wrestlers manage to take the bar to the next level.

    If you missed this match, you missed out on one of the best of the year so far. 

    The biggest question going into this brawl was how much A.J. would play a role in it.  Would she get in the way?  Or would she actually be a referee? 

    A.J.'s role was pretty solid; she only got involved with minor things like blocking a chair so Punk couldn't drive Bryan head first into it.

    The biggest problem I have with A.J. though is how we still don't know what she's thinking.  The whole crazy A.J. being confused is getting old, and she needs to pick a side soon.  Money in the Bank would have been the best time for that.

    Match wise, this was one full of action and was pretty lengthy.  Making it no disqualification was the right call and took this match to another level.

    Whether it was Daniel Bryan's flying knee off of the side of the ring, or Punk diving off of the railing, these two were having a fantastic battle before weapons were even involved.

    Once we saw the addition of a kendo stick, chair, and a table though, the match went to another level.

    Bryan using the kendo stick in his submission move, and Punk slamming Bryan through the table off of the turnbuckle at the end of the match are just some ways in which these two successfully utilized weapons.

    A.J. actually giving a fair count was pretty surprising, and while this weird love triangle might continue on RAW, I don't think we could have asked more of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

    This was the best match of the night, and Punk and Bryan continue to prove why they are the true top talent in the WWE.

    Grade: A+

Ryback vs. Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks

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    Well at least now the WWE is starting to give Ryback actual competition.  While this match was nothing special, it was an upgrade for Ryback as far as progression is concerned.

    We actually saw Ryback have to fight back against his opponents, but we all knew he was going to win.

    While it's great that the WWE seems to be moving forward with Ryback, this was a match that could have been saved for RAW, and like more unannounced pay-per-view matches, was not a pay-per-view caliber match.

    Grade: D

Layla, Tamina and Kaitlyn vs. Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Eve

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    A three-on-three divas tag match that was like most other divas matches: boring.

    While certain divas like Phoenix and Tamina are always pretty decent in the ring, the others are just so horrible that they ruin the whole match.

    If you missed this match, consider yourself lucky.  It was nothing special and simply thrown in because the WWE always needs a divas match at a pay-per-view.

    Grade: F

WWE Championship Contract Ladder Match

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    Of course Cena was going to win, we all saw that one coming.

    Besides for the obvious ending, this was a pretty good match.  Adding the Miz definitely helped because it added someone else who could take some big bumps.

    Big Show must have been taking a nap for a good part of this match, right after he got a Attitude Adjustment through the announce table and was buried in ladders.

    Kane didn't really stand out, which is a shame since he has so much ladder match experience.  Jericho, on the other hand, was a huge part of this match.

    Taking bumps off the ladder, and hanging onto the brief case as it swung in the air are just some of benefits of having a veteran like Jericho in this match.

    Cena didn't really take any big bumps, but as usual was a powerhouse in this match.

    Big Show was slow and boring, like he always is, and the only benefit Show brought was when he brought out that gigantic ladder.

    Other than that though, Big Show was relatively useless.

    The Miz, as mentioned before, was a nice addition to this match. He was able to take bumps, and even made a grab for the brief case when he went up against Jericho on the gigantic ladder.

    Was this ladder match as good as the first one of the night?  No.  It really wasn't memorable either.  It could easily rank as the worst ladder match out of all of the Money in The Bank ladder matches.

    Still, for what it was, and for only including five participants, this was a pretty good match besides for the obvious ending.

    Grade: B