WWE Money in the Bank: People Who Could Be Added to Raw MITB Ladder Match

Julian Salinas@@JulianSalinasCorrespondent IJuly 15, 2012

WWE Money in the Bank: People Who Could Be Added to Raw MITB Ladder Match

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    Let's face it, this may be one of the most disappointing looking MITB ladder matches ever, well, at least for me.

    I mean, look at it! Four superstars—where the normal concept is eight. It's full of main eventers when the main idea of MITB is to have a new superstar move away from the low and middle card.

    And, well, look at the contestants. You know just by looking at them that Cena is the company favorite. You just know!

    So, in order to kind of spice things up and try to make it a little more entertaining, I think WWE will add at least one superstar to the mix.

    So, in order of less probable to most, here are the superstars who have a chance to be added to the WWE title ladder match.

6. Randy Orton

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    OK, I put Randy at the bottom because I don't think he can return yet, but maybe WWE will say "Screw it, Orton's our main man, we need him here," and add him in.

    He's a former WWE champion, so he fits the bill.

    But yeah, that suspension thing makes me think he won't be in the match, but I added him here because his names has been mentioned in a lot of articles, so yeah.

5. The Rock

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    OK, I would mark out like crazy if this happened.

    On the last Raw, prior to Money in the Bank, The Rock was announced as a member of the 1000th Raw. So, why can't he be Mr. Money in the Bank that same night? And who knows, cash it in as well.

    He did tweet about coming back and moving his target to the WWE Championship.

    It's a little bit of a stretch, but it would be so cool if it happened.

4. Brock Lesnar

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    Brock's a bit more probable, since he isn't suspended, but I highly doubt Lesnar will be announced to fight tonight, since he will be answering to Triple H's challenge at the 1000th Raw episode.

    But if he did return for this, I'd say it could go a little bit like this: Paul Heyman announces that Lesnar is in. Everything is going like a ladder match until the middle of the match when Hunter comes out and fights Brock to backstage, and before Lesnar can return to the ring, someone has already won.

    Then, tomorrow night, Hunter can gloat that he screwed Brock and that he will be waiting for his answer at the Raw special.

    So yeah, Brock is a possibility.

3. Alberto Del Rio

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    I'm predicting that Sheamus vs Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship will be the opening match, and Alberto loses.

    How about if he inserts himself into the Raw ladder match? He is a former WWE champion. It could work.

    Of course, he wouldn't win, but he could be a good addition to a less-than-satisfactory looking match. Because it's his DESTINY!

2. The Miz

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    "The Marine 3" can wait for just one performance.

    Being a former WWE champ and Money in the Bank winner, Miz could be a perfect addition to the match.

    He can come out just before the bell rings complaining about how he was the best champion ever, how WWE didn't let him be in the match and he could just get inserted.

    It would be an awesome move (see what I did there?).

1. Rey Mysterio

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    There are rumours of him returning until the 1000th Raw, but what could be wrong about having him return a bit earlier than expected?

    Rey, along with Jericho, could bring the highflying action this match really needs, and help in the speed department, as well.

    As like with the majority of the past superstars I listed, it isn't necessary for Mysterio to win, but to help the match not be a bust.

    So, I'm all in favor of having people added randomly!

That's It!

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    In the end, you don't really know what WWE is thinking about doing.

    Maybe they will add someone, throw that curve ball and shock the world! Or leave it like it is and hope people don't get bored and mad too quickly.

    But, we will have to see the event to know what will happen.

    Thanks for reading! Don't forget to say which of YOUR superstars you think will make a return and help this match.

    'Till next time!