WWE Money in the Bank 2012 Results: Ranking the Unadvertised Matches

Joseph Lisnow@@lisnowjCorrespondent IIIJuly 16, 2012

WWE Money in the Bank 2012 Results: Ranking the Unadvertised Matches

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    The WWE continued their trend at the Money in the Bank PPV of adding unadvertised matches. Going into the PPV, it seemed likely that more matches would be added, as there was one pre-show match on YouTube and four scheduled matches on the main card.

    While all the advertised matches looked good, it didn’t seem likely that they would make up the whole card. In the end, the WWE added three more matches to the main card.

    Here are the unadvertised matches that took place at the WWE Money in the Bank PPV and how they ranked.

Prime Time Players vs. Epico and Primo

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    These two teams delivered a great match, highlighting why the tag division should matter. The high-flying moves by Epico and Primo made the audience not want to blink, and The Prime Time Players were pure ground-and-pounders.

    The two managers at ringside helped, too. While it was hard to take one’s eyes off of Rosa Mendes, A.W. played the perfect counter with his comical comments throughout the match. The managers were just as important as the wrestlers in this one.

    The shocking ending with the No. 1 contenders, The Prime Time Players, losing and the post-fight interaction with the WWE Tag Team Champions at ringside made this a solid match from all points.

    Grade: B

Ryback vs. Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks

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    Ryback was placed in another handicap match, this time against two wrestlers who are on the WWE roster in Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks. Ryback won, but not in his usual fashion.

    Up until this point, a typical Ryback match consisted of him winning in two minutes with no offense from his opponents. Hawkins and Reks were able to mount some offense, marking the first time someone took Ryback off his feet.  

    The match showed that Ryback is not indestructible, but there was nothing special here. It was clear before this match started who was going to win. The match did its job to continue to make Ryback look like a monster.

    Grade: C

6-Diva Tag-Team Match

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    The divas were placed in a last-minute match before the main event, as Layla, Kaitlyn and Tamina Snuka defeated Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Eve. This match was simply thrown together with no storyline involved.

    Each diva was able to mount some offense, but nothing worth remembering. The four minutes would have been better spent if Layla defended her championship against one person.

    Grade: D

Final Evaluation

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    The three matches the WWE added didn’t help the show. The tag-team matchup surprisingly delivered, but the two unadvertised matches that followed were just fillers.

    Ryback winning was nothing new and many probably saw this match coming. The ending was certainly obvious. The divas had the worst match on the card. There wasn’t much six divas could do in a four-minute match, so it wasn’t their fault. With some more time added to that match, it could have been alright.  

    Basically, the WWE needs to stop these unadvertised matches on their PPVs. They usually don’t help the overall rating of the card.

    Overall grade for unadvertised matches: C