Money in the Bank: Why Was Wade Barrett Left off the Card?

Molly SquiresContributor IIIJuly 15, 2012

Wade Barrett has proven to be an asset to WWE programming. Up until his injury in February, his bout with Randy Orton was one of the most interesting feuds in the past year.

His in-ring performances, coupled with his excellent mic work, really set the stage for a major push that we were led to believe was going to result in a winning of the Money in the Bank match. It was even indicated, according to (h/t Lords of Pain) that the MITB pay-per-view was moved to July because of Barrett’s injury. Therefore, it is wildly disappointing that he is supposedly ready to come back to the ring, but yet he is not listed as a contender in the Smackdown Money in the Bank match.

As of right now, he has not been given his chance to obtain the blue briefcase this Sunday, but what will this mean to Barrett’s future success upon his highly anticipated return? Why was he left off the card to begin with?

While it is possible he was left off the card because he is currently working on a movie, and recently tweeted about his experiences living in New York, he would still be able to wrestle in one of the major pay-per-views.

Maybe he was left off because of the leaked information about MITB. I can’t imagine that it was in his favor that the plans of him winning the briefcase were exposed. However, I don’t think it is in the best interest of the WWE to punish Barrett for this, since the WWE desperately needs a powerhouse heel and MITB would be the perfect platform to bring Barrett back. At the moment, we the audience are baffled as to why he was left off this card and we can only hope that he returns at the pay-per-view tonight—or that the WWE has bigger plans for him.

The momentum that he was experiencing up until his devastating injury could potentially be ruined and I fear that the creative team could have nothing for him to come back to. He has no claim to challenge the World Heavyweight Champion, and there really does not seem to be a challenger on TV now that would really make any sense for him to work with.

Bringing him back for Summerslam could be the next viable option, but who would he face that would not seem forced? Randy Orton will most likely not be back from his suspension in time for the event. He could feud with the Big Show due to the fact that he threw Barrett out of the ring on that fateful night, which inadvertently caused his injury. However, Show is currently involved in his own storyline with Cena and I can’t imagine that he won’t have some other feuds coming out of the MITB match this Sunday.

Getting Barrett into the Money in the Bank match would have put him in the best position for the push he needs and deserves. This is because he would not have to face one person in particular, and having the briefcase can lead to numerous feuds and challengers. Whatever the reason may be for leaving him off the MITB card, I hope that the creative team has something for him to return with.