TNA and Its Flaws

Chad RobinsonCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2009

I recently began watching TNA and loved their superstars and storylines until recently.

1. AJ Styles; A great wrestler who the fans love yet he has fallen away from the main event picture. Not long ago he was pushing for the TNA Heavyweight championship but then the whole Frontline vs Main Event Mafia storyline came and he was back to being a midcarder. AJ is better than this and I believe he should be up there with guys like Angle and Sting and Joe as the leaders of this brand.

2.Tag Team Division; Whilst many claim TNA has a superior tag division I fail to see this as they use this division wrong. They use it like wwe uses the ecw title, getting a guy experience before giving him a push. Why not make the tag championship up there with the Heavyweight title in terms of prestige.

I mean in terms of talent Tna has heaps of teams: Beer Money inc, Motor City Machine Guns, Dudley Boys, Creed and Lethal, and L.A.X. are the big ones and if you are trying to establish the Main Event Mafia as a dominant force why not have two guys like Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash in there so the M.E.M would have the whole company covered.

3. Knockouts; A far superior womens competition than WWE where as wwe just uses most of their divas as eye candy (no complaints here) TNA has ones that are great wrestlers. No changes need to be made to this division. Although why in the world would they let Gail Kim leave she is the best female wrestler in the world in my opinion...

4. Legends Championship; I view this as a us title of TNAbut why let Booker keep it when he is in a match every three months. Can you remember the last time he had a single s match against another wrestler(Shane Sewell doesnt count). Why not give it to someone like Matt Morgan, someone on the fringe of being a great main eventer and let him establish himself as a main eventer.

5. Rhyno; In my opinion he should be released as he adds nothing to the company. He is a lot worse than Petey Williams and they released him. I say release rhyno and hire someone like Teddy Hart who in my opinion is the best wrestler not currently with wwe or TNA. If you don't know who he is look him up on google or youtube.

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