RINGSIDE: Victory Darchinyan TKOs Jorge Arce

Joe NixonCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2009

Victor Darchinyan proved again in this fight night why he is the most feared fighter this (weight class) side of Celestino Caballero. Jorge Arce proved that the so-called “Mexican Cowboy” is always ready to brawl any hombre. Victor Darchinyan     

Some 5,400 fight fans ( a suspiciously round number) of fans showed up on a drizzling Southern California to the Honda Center to witness this fight. It was a toss-up as to if their were more Armenian.  Jorge Arce has fought here before and he fights in the traditional Mexican warrior style that always draws fans.

Bigger than either fighter though has to be Vanes Martirosyan the Armenian-American is an easy interview and comes off relaxed fighter in and out of the ring. He’s a great kid and both myself and loads of Armenian fans would love to see him win a title. He has one of the better websites in boxing as well. He won his eight-rounder decision unanimously

From round one, Darchinyan was the aggressor, Arce ate a lot of power punches in this round and few at ringside would of dared to imagine the fight lasting past round six. Such is the nature of Jorge Arce’s chin that he was able to absorb Darchiniyan’s shots.

The third and the fourth rounds were Arce’s best of the fight and even the most stringent of ringside judges would of gave him one of the rounds. The Mexican fight fans chanted Arce! Arce! as the Mexican fighter showed his A-game and the moves that had won him his title.

As the rounds went on and the fight got bloodier (both men were cut in this one) it seemed Darchiniyan who had been investing heavily in body punching was starting to break-down Arce. 

After the seventh it was all Darchinyan though this Darchinyan was not the boxer we had once known. He was not as quick on the draw and he was being a bit cautious with Jorge Arce.

Darchinyan, like a European sports car, seemed to be dropping into a lesser gear. Then just when in Darchiniyan seemed ready to accept a win on the cards he began to land his trademark bolo punch, the Armenian fans (and there flags) were suddenly more animated.

In the 10th and the 11th Darchiniyan really sped up his attack and there was a hunger in his attacks that had been missing over the final few rounds, he was clearly looking for his promised knockout. The elusiveness of a definitive win was certainly frustrating to Darchinyan who had promised to knock out Arce!

The end came on the stool not in the center when the doctor waived off the final round givien the status of Arce’s face.

In the post-fight interview in the press-room, Darchinyan was quick to point out that he had made good on his promise to knockout Jorge Arce. Jorge Arce however seemed frustrated that he had not gotten a chance to fight the last round.

“I have the punchers chance,” he reiterated an admission that seemed to admit that even Arce was losing the fight and weather a final round had been fought or not there is little doubt Darchiniyan would of still become the new WBC, WBA, and IBF super flyweight champion.

As the press-conference ended the Honda Center owners presented team Darchiniyan and Gary Shaw with what appeared to be a replica Samurai sword. With the display he put on against Arce, Darchinyan is more than prepared to slice though many opponents if he decides to follow this fight by moving up to full-Bantamwieght.