When Will MLB Step-Up?

Jimmy Beasley SrContributor IFebruary 18, 2009

So, just when will Major League Baseball step-up and put an end to all the steroids issues? To be honest I'm sick and tried of it.

I've been waiting months for the 2009 MLB season to start. Its my favorite sport and I love it dearly.

But, I do not like the problem that MLb is having with the drug issue. And I do not like the way their handling it.

Mr. Billion dollar man A-Rod put on one wild horse and pony show. He had them lined up for miles.

There was his GM, his teammates and all the press. He was going to address us all and put his shame to bed.

To me, the real shame was one, what he did, and two, how he handled it. He looked us right in the eyes and said in so many words, " I did not use any illegal drugs, I was too good to need them".

What was his excuses? He was under peer pressure. His $250 million dollar contract was too much pressure on him. All the other players were using it, his cousin made him do it?

Whatever! I'm sick and tried of it all. It was just another way for the Yankees to show  just how much money they have, and how you get to behave if you have money.

Instead of walking into a court room alone, aka Barry Bonds and Miguel Tejada, A-Rod put on one heck of a show. So did the Yankees and so did MLB.

Instead of standing put, MLB allowed the horse and pony show. I'm sure by the time it was all over A-Fraud had all of New York crying their eyes out, saying he was framed.

Tomorrow they will throw out the "magic bullet theory", and point out the spot on the grassy knoll. It will all be turn so, we'll actually feel sorry for ARod.

I can see the headlines now "ARod Set-up", "They made Him do it". Watch the sports news for the next few days, AFraud's cousin will be buried alive.

By the time its all over A-Fraud will be voted into the Hall of Fame. In fact, after this show, why not put him there now and forget all this mess about playing the game?

I'm sorry, I have an eleven year old son who I'm trying to teach the right way to live. When I get to the part of saying no to drugs what do I do when he say's "but dad it was OK for ARod, why can't I do it?"

What do I tell him when he say's, "but dad all the kids are doing it?" What's my answer?

I don't have money to throw away like the Yankees. I have to face my son alone and stand put. Its the way my dad did it to me.

I remember it like it was yesterday. My dad was one of my hero's. He never made more than five dollars an hour, unless it was overtime. He worked in a union factory for thirty-five years.

He worked hard and I never wanted for anything. Dad made sure I ate, had a roof over my head, clothes for school and he never missed one of my games.

He told me, "Son, you never gain anything from drugs or achol except trouble the next day. I've never used either of them and I expect you to be the same way."

To this day I can say, whenever I came across it I knew I'd be letting him down if I use them. No way was I going to let him down.

A-Fraud has just put another stumbling block in the way. MLB has done the same by allowing the horse and pony show to go on.

Think about it. His team, his coaches, his GM, they were all there, to support him. Not one of them stood up and said, "hey wait a minute this is wrong!" What he did was wrong and its not the message we want to send out to all our young fans.

I'm still looking forwards to opening day. I still love MLB. But there is a foul smell in the air and its the New York Yankees and A-Fraud.

I'm not naive enough to say that MLB didn't need what happened in the "roids period". If were all honest we watched because of the numbers that were being put up.

I remember hearing rumblings about what was or wasn't being used at the time. We all heard it but did nothing.

No one pressed the issue. No one, not the press, not the teams, not the players and not the MLB.

Big Mac broke Maris's record. Bonds broke his. Bonds went on to break Aaron's and Ruth's records. And now they say A-Rod will break Bonds.

To be honest, no one was or will be better than the "Babe". He was an all-star pitcher, then hitter. He had 2,500 less at bats than both Aaron and Bonds.

I'll still be a huge fan of MLB. But, from now on I'll never see the game the same.

Its become a game for corporations and millionaires. The days of me and my son setting behind home plate are long gone.

At today's prices I just can't afford it. I'm not alone, there are many who can't afford "Americia's Game" anymore. With team's needing money and pushing for pay TV, soon we won't even be able to watch it on free TV.

To make all this right, if A-Rod had made his confession, stood up like and man and said "I was responsible", then I'd been happy. To follow up with the horse and pony show, to me, he was just shoveling on more manure.

He put on such a show even some of the old pureists were left scratching their heads. If he was so sorry for what he did and it was so worng, why such a show?

It was almost funny, he had the sportswriters tripping over themselves to get back on his side. Didn't he already admit to all this?

I'm sure many will still look up to A-Rod and want to be him. Only now they can be him, all it takes is a few shots in the butt!


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