WWE Money in the Bank 2012: Does the Raw MITB Match Need a 5th Participant?

Luis Campos@luchalibrelife Analyst IJuly 15, 2012


Money in the Bank was without a doubt one of the best pay-per-views of 2011.

This year, however, the current card for the Money in the Bank PPV has yet to capture my interest in what will unfortunately be a subpar event. 

As far as I see it, there are two issues at hand that are limiting the buildup for what should ideally be one of the better pay-per-views of the year. 

First and foremost, the pay-per-view has taken a backseat in the WWE's priorities, second to the upcoming 1,000th episode. For the past couple of months, the WWE has gone through get efforts to advertise their monumental accomplishment, and while their preparations have brought back great legends to WWE television such as Vader, Diamond Dallas Page and Sycho Sid, the attention  that the promotion has placed on the 1,000th episode has regrettably taken away interest in the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. 

Secondly, and perhaps most detrimental to the pay-per-view's buildup is the event's current card. While last year's event presented a 5-star match between CM Punk and John Cena, this year's WWE championship match is simply a repetition of the Bryan vs. Punk match (albeit a great match) that has been shown at previous pay-per-views earlier this year. 

Punk and Bryan, however, are not to be blamed here. While their match will without a doubt be a great one, Money in the Bank's card problems stem from the poorly crafted Raw Money in the Bank ladder match. While the match's added stipulation that only former WWE champions can participate adds an interesting twist, it also limits the number of participants that can compete in it. 

As such, this year's match is boasting only four competitors, the lowest number of competitors in the match's history. 

A solution to this lackluster match could be found through the addition of a fifth former WWE champion. 

Adding a fifth participant would not only increase interest in the match, but it could also set up future feuds. Thus based on this suggestion, there are three people who would be perfect for this role. 

Long missing from WWE television, last year's WrestleMania headliner the Miz has had a poor 2012 thus far, but his return in this ladder match could be what the former reality TV show personality needs to revive his wrestling career. 

Another person who could be thrown into the mix is everyone's favorite underdog, Rey Mysterio. 

The recently suspended superstar is due to make his return soon—why not do it during a PPV event? Especially one such as Money in the Bank, where the unique match type suits the high-flyer. 

For my money's worth, however—and keeping with the WWE's theme of bringing back former WWE superstar—I would suggest that the Rock makes a surprise appearance and adds himself to Raw's Money in the Bank ladder match. 

The former WWE champion has been very vocal about wanting to return at next year's WrestleMania with the WWE championship around his waist. What better way of capturing the title than by winning the Money in the Bank match and cashing in the contract? 


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