WWE Money in the Bank 2012: Superstars Who Will Steal Show

Justin WeltonAnalyst IIJuly 15, 2012

Sunday night's Money in the Bank card might not be overly exciting to watch, but a few superstars are capable of stealing the show.

Here are four of those superstars who will do just that. 


Dolph Ziggler

Everything about Dolph Ziggler screams heavyweight champion-worthy. He has mic skills, in-ring ability and overall athleticism, and he has paid his dues in the company.

Ziggler deserves to have a lengthy title reign. 

If you are up in the air about his talents, watch Sunday night when he steals the show. He is perfect for a Money in the Bank match, and you'll find out why. 


John Cena

I don't like to watch him wrestle—we know what's going to happen and we are pretty sure about the outcome—yet John Cena will steal the show once again.

Why? Because he is the show. He can fight the worst wrestler on the roster yet be the biggest story from the night. 

It's John Cena -- everything he does in the business gets magnified. He certainly won't steal the show with his ability, but he'll be one of the major talking points the following day.


CM Punk and Daniel Bryan

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan may have the best match of the night. Each provides quality wrestling, they have solid chemistry and there is AJ -- the biggest potential storyline in this fight.

With the WWE Universe interested in AJ, the two wrestlers in the ring will benefit most.

Expect Bryan and Punk to put on a memorable performance. Hopefully this feud goes on a bit longer because it has been fantastic.