WWE Money in the Bank 2012: Will Curt Hawkins and T-Reks Get Revenge on Ryback?

Luis CamposAnalyst IJuly 14, 2012


Ever since his WWE re-debut on the April 6th edition of SmackDown this year, Ryback has been an unstoppable force. Match after match, the former Nexus member has destroyed his competition, at times going so far as to defeat two opponents at the same time. 

However, while Ryback continues to build his reputation as an uncontrollable beast, we have yet to see him face a "real" opponent. 

Although Ryback has wrestled against opponents on the WWE's main roster, his gimmick has constrained the up-and-coming superstar to wrestling with unknown local jobbers.

That is, until recently, when the team of Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks began what could be the start of a change in Ryback's current booking. 

Ryback has defeated both Hawkins and Reks on separate occasions in single combat, but he has yet to take on the two at the same time. 

The WWE's inclination to include unannounced Ryback matches during their pay-per-views, a trend first started at Extreme Rules, means that we may see Ryback in action again this Sunday at Money in the Bank. 

Perhaps it is time for Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks finally to get the better of Ryback by attacking him together.

Hawking and Reks have both been known to use dirty tactics to attack their opponents—a fact that could help Ryback keep his edge. Having Ryback "weakened" by these two men through dirty tactics would allow him to retain his "mean streak" while setting him up with his first real feud, against the team of Hawkins and Reks. 

Has the WWE been hinting at this scenario? Or will the potential build-up fizzle out?

I guess we will find out come Sunday afternoon. 


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