WWE Money in the Bank 2012: Things That Will (Hopefully) Happen

Julian Salinas@@JulianSalinasCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2012

WWE Money in the Bank 2012: Things That Will (Hopefully) Happen

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    Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've written for Bleacher Report, but now I'm back in time to cover one of my favorite pay-per-views, Money in the Bank!

    Admittedly, this year's card doesn't look as promising as last year's outstanding event, but I still believe it will be one of the best events this year.

    The card has two ladder matches for the WWE and World Heavyweight championships, and an epic confrontation between Daniel Bryan and CM Punk for the WWE title. Our crazy chick, AJ, is the special guest referee. Some other matches will probably be added in.

    Some of these matches will have obvious results, but I'm very hopeful that a lot of epic surprises are on the way tomorrow night.

    Here I'll count down the top moments I'm hoping for this Sunday. Let's do it.

People Are Added to the WWE MITB Match

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    I'm sorry, maybe I'm already accustomed to the regular eight participants, or maybe I prefer seeing fresh blood get a title shot... but this match seems wrong.

    Four people, and all of them are past WWE champions. Not to mention that Cena, Jericho and Kane have already fought Punk for the title, and trust me, I wouldn't like to see the Big Show win either.

    The pretty obvious choice to win is Cena since it is his first time in a match like this. His win would spark a great feud against either Daniel Bryan or CM Punk in the near future.

    But ignoring the result, the thing we need to boost this match up a bit is Rey Mysterio. He should return from suspension, and the Miz  should return from filming "The Marine 3." Heck, maybe even have Alberto compete after losing to Sheamus (I'll get to that later).

    Let's hope WWE can find a way to squeeze more people in because just looking at the card, I'm pretty sure the SmackDown ladder match will be far superior.

Ryback Does Something Different

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    Ryback needs more of a...balanced diet, don't ya think?

    He's only been fed with two unknown jobbers every other week and, just recently, with kind of known jobbers.

    Come Sunday, during which I'm pretty positive we will see a Ryback match, I'm hoping either Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks go two-on-one against the beast, or he's matched with a low midcarder.

    Anything but local jobbers again.

Santino Has a Good Showing

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    I'm sorry, but I still can't forget the awesome performance Santino had at the Elimination Chamber event back in February after replacing Randy Orton in the World Heavyweight championship match.

    I've always been a big supporter of Marella, and I'm just waiting for the WWE to finally forget his goofy character and bring out the real competitor within.

    Just check him out on the Internet before he was in the WWE: he can wrestle, he has charisma and he has good mic skills! He's a star waiting for an opportunity.

    As much as I would like to see Santino win the ladder match this Sunday, I don't think the company is ready to do that—yet. But still, a good performance without all the comedy stunts, and actually getting close to taking the briefcase might be the first steps in getting Santino to the top.

Tyson Kidd Finally Elevates Himself

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    Tyson Kidd just being in this match is a feel-good moment.

    Finally, after becoming tag champion, turning heel, going to lower card, turning face, teaming up with Justin Gabriel and qualifying for the Money in the Bank match!

    You gotta love it! Oh, and he also finally got a win on Raw after so much time.

    I'd consider Tyson the "Daniel Bryan" of this match. He's the underdog, the guy who nobody thought could win, but at the end he proved them wrong.

    Now, I think it would be very hard for Kidd to actually be the victor this Sunday, but just like Santino, a good showing will definitely help his future. Since he is the only high flyer on the bill except for Sin Cara, I'd say he'll be part of a couple of memorable moments.

Kharma? Please?

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    I don't know if all these rumors about Kharma being released are true, but I do know that we NEED Kharma back in the Divas division.

    Come on! I haven't heard a word about the champion, Layla, or Beth Phoenix. The only noticeable Diva lately is AJ, and while that isn't a bad thing, it's only fair to have the women's title featured as well.

    Hopefully Kharma will be beating up some barbie dolls soon.

    Oh, and if the release rumors are true, then WWE is completely clueless.

Del Rio vs. Sheamus Is Entertaining

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    I'm not really big on Del Rio or Sheamus, but I'm hoping their match this Sunday will be fun to watch.

    As for the result, I'd say Sheamus wins and gets a new opponent. Del Rio can survive for a while in the midcard scene. I'm sorry for saying that, but I just don't get Alberto.

    Sheamus needs someone new to make the title scene more interesting and finally take the belt away from the Great White, at least for a little bit.

Wade Barrett!

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    Speaking of having someone new for Sheamus... how about Wade?

    Picture this: Sheamus has just beat Del Rio, but Ricardo wants revenge. The champ gets the better of him—he turns around, and WHAM! A big chair shot delivered by a returning Wade Barrett, who officially wants to take Sheamus' title.

    And there you go, big SummerSlam match for the World Heavyweight championship already in.

    It could be like that, but however possible, please bring back Wade! During this event or the 1000th episode of Raw would be fine.

Good Extra Stuff

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    Some good backstage segments with crazy AJ involved would be nice.

    You have to expect at least two squash matches as well. They could add in a tag team match between Primo and Epico and the Prime Time Players to finally settle their differences, and I guess your card is complete.

    But who knows what they will add? Heck, they added that big battle royal last time.


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    OK, this is a pretty personal pick, but I would mark out badly if Daniel Bryan actually can win the WWE championship.

    Don't get me wrong, CM Punk has been a great top guy—heck, one of my favorites. But I believe it's time for a little change. I believe it's Bryan's moment.

    The match itself should be as great as past confrontations between these men, and AJ will be a good little twist.

    Speaking of AJ, I believe she will be the one responsible for Bryan beating Punk. Somehow his defeat will be because of the little crazy girl.

    Also, with Daniel besting Punk this time, it will mean the feud will not be over yet, which is pretty good news since this rivalry has been great.


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    I'd say that's it.

    I'm still hoping WWE can make this event worthwhile and surprising!

    Thanks for reading! Be sure to comment on what you think the event should have and what you thought about my choices!

    'Til next time!