WWE Money in the Bank 2012 Predictions: Upsets Waiting to Happen

Justin WeltonAnalyst IIJuly 14, 2012

Photo credit: wikimedia.org
Photo credit: wikimedia.org

Last year's Money in the Bank was one of the better pay-per-views of the year. It had drama, great matches and memorable moments.

Hopefully, the 2012 version can replicate that showing.

With several matches on the card, let's take a look at some upsets waiting to happen. 


Daniel Bryan Defeats CM Punk

I'm expecting this storyline to continue after Money in the Bank. What does that mean?

Daniel Bryan will be victorious.

Bryan and Punk have been in a nice feud over the last few weeks and I don't see it stopping anytime soon. Both are great wrestlers, great entertainers and fans have grown to be fascinated with both characters.

This feud needs to continue, but I wouldn't care about it anymore if Punk once again defeats Bryan on the big stage.


Dolph Ziggler Wins World Heavyweight Championship MITB Ladder Match

I would consider Tensai the favorite to win the World Heavyweight Championship MITB ladder match, but maybe I'm looking at things differently.

I'm looking at the WWE and wishing they would give Dolph Ziggler another opportunity for gold. I'm looking at the fact that he deserves another shot.

He has charisma, wrestling skills, on-mic talent and he's paid his dues. 

Out of all the participants in this match, the only one I would want to see in a championship match is Dolph Ziggler.

Make it happen, WWE.


Hunico and Camacho Defeats R-Truth and Kofi Kingston

How about building a potential tag-team title match for SummerSlam? I realize the tag-team division isn't close to what it used to be, but having the champions lose at Money in the Bank would set up nicely for a rematch at SummerSlam.

If the idea is to build up great matches for SummerSlam, why not have Hunico and Camacho defeat the champs? It would bring more attention to their feud, maybe draw in more fans and possibly have more people care about the division.

Then maybe the WWE could think about adding another team into the equation to make it even more interesting. 

Whatever it is, something needs to happen.