Randy Orton—The New Stone Cold

greg yorkeContributor IFebruary 18, 2009

There are very few stars in the WWE that can do what ever the hell they want and get away with it.

Mankind was the opposite, when he was heel he didn't get away with his actions. Chris Jerricho is the same way. Will Chris pay for what he has done to Hot Rod? Sure he will.

Stone Cold was the kind of guy that when he reached a certain peak of his career he couldn't be touched. He could do what he wanted when he wanted.

A month ago Randy Orton started his climb by kicking Vince. Last night Randy Orton had nearly reached the top.

When Orton kicked Shane it was different, there was a joy in his face. We're starting to see a change in Orton. By the change I mean within the last month, there was no doubt on Ortons face when he kicked Shane. Of course Stephanie was a different story.

When Orton hit Stephanie with what seemed like a perfect RKO he almost reached his Stone Cold status. Randy showed doubt, but how long will this doubt continue? It's hard to tell. It's obvious that it seems like Orton vs HHH for the belt at Wrestlemania has started and I thought this was something I didn't want because its been done but it just seems so right now.

But rest assured you have not seen the last punt from Orton before Wrestlemania. When Randy Orton punts Stephanie (and it's just a matter of time now), that is when you will witness Orton at his peak. No remorse, No regret, No return.

When Orton reaches the point of do what I want, when I want and not feel guilty for it then it's anything goes for Legacy.

And when I say reach Stone Cold status its also just a matter of time before he surpasses it. Randy has so much potential in this industry and if they run with his ruthlessness soon he will be what the industry is known for.