North Carolina Basketball: J.P. Tokoto, UNC's Next Vince Carter?

Doug BrodessCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2012

Jordan Brand All-American J.P. Tokoto will be a freshman this fall at North Carolina.

The lanky wing from Wisconsin is currently creating quite a stir even though he's yet to see the court as a Tar Heel.

Tokoto, like a lot of other Carolina and Duke players, has been tuning up his game at "The Rucker of the South"...the Greater NC Pro-Am summer league in Durham.'s Robbi Pickeral said that JPT's "athleticism has been compared to that of Vince Carter."

That's no small statement.

Carter was one of the most explosive and agile wings in college basketball history.

His three-year collegiate career was a continuous reel of rim-rattling tomahawks and high-rising tip jams.

But, Carter's amazing dunk-fests were not simply meaningless shows. He was instrumental in delivering consecutive ACC titles and Final Four appearances to the Tar Heel nation.

Playing alongside Jeff McInnis and Antawn Jamison, Carter's freshman year in Chapel Hill was solid but not super (7.5 PPG, 3.8 RPG, 17.9 MPG).

Tokoto will most likely get at least a similar amount of playing time during his first year wearing the Carolina Blue.

Depending on the lineup that UNC head coach Roy Williams chooses, JPT may even get more minutes.

Tokoto is almost the exact same size (6'6", 195 lbs) and build that Carter was in his UNC days.

His game is filled with an assortment of acrobatic dunks and high-wire highlights. The sky is the limit for Tokoto if he will put in the work in developing his total game.

Regardless of the amount of time he initially gets, Tokoto will eventually have every opportunity to shine.

If you are a Tar Heel fan, buckle your seat belt. It's going to be an exciting ride!