Five Fantasy Running Backs to Look At.

Logan SchellContributor IFebruary 17, 2009

Well I'm back again with my fantasy spiels. This year i'm going to start with five NFL running backs to look at.

LaDainian Tomlinson, he is a very good running back that can pound the middle or kick it outside for a huge gain. He is so dangerous because he could only have five yards the whole game but in the fourth go for a huge amount of yards.

He does have a very good running back behind him, so he doesn't have to run the ball forty times a game.

If Tomlinson stays healthy he will one of the most dangerous backs. Also look for Phillip Rivers to have a good year to.

Brian Westbrook, after a great showing in the playoffs look for the Eagles back to have a great season.

Westbrook is not only a great runner but a great screen and other pass receiving back. He can easily run for one hundred yards and catch five balls for eighty yards.

The man is really hard to bring down, and he can read the defense very well.

Steven Jackson, another very physical back. Jackson is an amazing runner matching speed with size. He can go out and catch balls plus he can block on pass plays.

All though Jackson plays for a mediocre team I think that the new coach will see that Jackson is their strongest player and get him the ball a lot. He will have a lot of yards and quite a bit of touchdowns.

Willie Parker, I myself am a huge Willie Parker fan. He has so much experience in big games that its crazy.

Parker is coming off an injury season and also a Super Bowl season. I think that he will want to prove to the league that he still has what it takes to be a marquee runner in the NFL.

When some running backs reach the thirty year old mark they just start to struggle. Willie isn't there yet. But I think this will be his last year of total dominance.

Adrian Peterson, wow that's all I should have to say is wow. Peterson has taken over the NFL sense he got her. He is so physical and so fast that its scary. I know I wouldn't want to try to bring him down.

Adrian will have an amazing season. He is in the easiest division in football and should be able to run all over most teams in the NFL. If I had the first pick I would take Adrian Peterson.

If you have anything else just comment and I will respond. Thanks for reading.