WWE Money in the Bank 2012: Why Smackdown MITB Match Will Outshine Raw

Amber GibbsCorrespondent IIJuly 13, 2012

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

With Money in the Bank happening this Sunday, there is a lot hanging on the line. Most importantly are the Money in the Bank contracts that will be up for grabs for the contending SmackDown superstars and former champions of RAW.

Surprisingly, SmackDown’s superstars may produce a higher caliber match over Raw. It is quite possible that the SmackDown participants in the Money in the Bank contract match could steal the show away from the Raw participants.


High Flyers

The SmackDown MITB has high-flying superstars in Christian, Sin Cara and Tyson Kidd. These men—along with a possible few surprises from Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler—are sure to create some exciting moves that the Raw MITB couldn’t possess even if it tried. With the exception of Chris Jericho, it’s hard to believe that anyone featured in the Raw MITB will climb to the top of a ladder and jump off just for sport.


Strength in Numbers

The WWE Board of Directors made the Raw MITB exclusive to former WWE Champions—taking away several spots from other superstars in the locker room, and leaving a ring of four men.

Kane, Chris Jericho, John Cena and the Big Show.

They might as well make it a fatal four way match and leave the ladder out of it.

But moving on, the SmackDown MITB has an advantage to steal the show because they have numbers on their side. SmackDown’s match is subject to have more than half of its match participants do something extraordinary.


SmackDown Agility vs. Raw Brawn

Another thing that gives the SmackDown MITB the edge over Raw’s MITB is the agility that the participants possess. Again, with the exception of Chris Jericho, Raw’s MITB superstars are brawlers.

This allows the SmackDown superstars to shine by using their flexibility, speed, creativity and God given talents. And though Damien Sandow and Tensai may not be as fast or agile as the other participants, they will definitely feel the pressure to step up and show off during the pay-per-view match—which brings up the next point.


SmackDown Participants Have Something to Prove

It’s no secret that the SmackDown brand is seen as the lesser between the two, and all of the participants in the MITB most likely realize that. The pressure is on to give a good show and to prove that they deserve not only positive recognition, but future title shots and main event status long after the MITB has been captured.

Sure, some of the Raw MITB participants may feel that way, but the urgency must be all too real for the SmackDown participants. The SmackDown Money in the Bank match includes superstars who are mainly mid-card, even if they’ve tasted a chance at a World Heavyweight or WWE Championship.  There is definitely more at stake for the SmackDown superstars.


Summing up…

The SmackDown Money in the Bank Match may lack the big names that Raw has, but it has the excitement and urgency that can possibly produce the best match of the night. The strength in numbers, the agility, the necessity to perform at a high level and the ability to do an extreme rules match justice is all on the side of SmackDown superstars—leaving an opportunity for the SmackDown match to reign supreme at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view.