Bobby, Bobby, My Dear Bobby

Miah D.Senior Writer IFebruary 17, 2009

Gutsy. Gutsy would be the best word to describe Bob Gainey’s latest move. 

The Wise Man just advised the Artist to take some time off to rest his talent, for his own good and the others. In other words, the boss just showed us who is boss, by sending Mr. Whiner home in order to give everybody a break. 

Put aside the screams and the curses that I let out when I learnt the news, I still believe in my naïve fan’s heart that it is all for the team’s own good.

Isn't that is all that matters?

While some have already shaped up a draft of the trade possibilities that will soon involve the AK-27, I was left wondering what on earth were the stories behind this piece of information that is still hard to swallow. 

I remember a year ago, Cristobal Huet was supposed to play against the Atlanta Thrashers. Guy Carbonneau held one of the most illogical press conferences in the History of the Montreal Canadiens, justifying the sudden decision to have Price start. 

And then, right after lunch, the new broke: Huet was sent to Washington

Was Gainey’s press conference as illogical? If so, my poor heart would not hold it together. My dream season would turn even more tragical than it already is. Sigh. 

But let’s not lose focus, shall we. 

My first thought went to Saku Koivu. Has he gotten so much into the skin of this organization that whoever pretends to run after his throne will be shown the door? 

My second thought went to Guy Carbonneau. Has he gotten enough? Are they through? Frankly, between Carbo and Kovy, the choice is easily made for Bobby! 

And then, my epiphany of the year: what’s with all the speculations after all? What if he was just really tired? 

Either way, this is a statement from the coaching staff, and the organization itself: whoever you are, the team has no time for you to decide whether you want to play or not. 

I respect the organization for such firm decisions. However, I despise the choice: if you want to win a game, use your best chances. There is no way to find out if he is going to perform if he is not even on the ice. 

So that makes Bob Gainey’s justification speech even more funny-strange-illogical-nonsense. And that makes me even more miserable. 

But we shall see.

 Bob Gainey started the week strongly: Matthew Schneider is back to his old loves. Patrice Brisebois and now Schneider, sounds like the comeback of the New Kids on the Block!  “I’ll be loving you foreveeeeer…” 

The power play was so poor that it took someone who mastered it since Max Pacioretty's birth. My hat’s off. 

Who knows, Schneider might be the bunny which had to appear from the magic hat! Nobody ever guaranteed us that it had to be a young bunny, as long as he gets the job done before he breaks his back!

The bottom line is, we can say whichever we want about Bob Gainey, but no one can ever object that he is one gutsy General Manager. It might be unconsciousness, it might be extreme wisdom; either way, he always leaves me stunned.