Vegas Summer League 2012: D-League Select Team Players to Keep an Eye on

Ian Hanford@Ian_HanfordFeatured ColumnistJuly 13, 2012

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NBA Summer League teams don't just hail from specific cities. Las Vegas has its own rendition of an All-Star team, the NBA D-League Select Team.

The select squad is the cream of the NBA's farm system. Eleven of the league's best players will try to impress their NBA teams and give the opposing teams a hard time in the process. 

Just because they're from the D-League doesn't mean they aren't worth watching. It's not easy to make an NBA roster so that leaves plenty of quality talent leftover. 

Let's take a look at three players on the D-League Select Team to keep your eye on.

Andre Emmett

Emmett didn't make any noise in the NBA after he left Texas Tech because he doesn't play much defense, but man can he score.

He doesn't beat you with his jumper very often, but Emmett's large frame (6'5'', 225 pounds) gives him a strength advantage over most guards. It also allows him to line up at multiple spots on defense. 

Emmett is at his best when he's driving to the basket and getting to the line. He's a high-volume scorer who struggles to impact a game if he isn't touching the ball.

Teams are looking for a scorer to stash on their bench. He averaged 23 points per game in the D-League last season and hauled down 5.5 boards per game according to He shot over 50 percent from the floor.

Look for him to be the team's go-to scorer throughout their stay in Las Vegas.

Marcus Dove

NBA teams can never get enough defense, and that's what Dove brings to the table. He's an underachieving offensive player, but he's a tremendous threat on the glass.

Elite Camp head coach Bob MacKinnon had this to say on about the D-League big man.

He attacked the offensive glass, he got second opportunities. He’s just a live, active long body.

Those are all things you want in your corner if you're trying to make an NBA roster. According to the report, Dove never averaged more than 10 points per game while at Oklahoma State, but that won't matter with effort like this.

There are plenty of players who get by on the "dirty work." Dakota Wizards coach Nate Bjorkgren mentions Dove in the same breath as Reggie Evans in the report.

If that's the case, he will be worth keeping an eye on. You can't get enough players who are willing to bang bodies in today's NBA.

Jeremy Wise

Wise could be in the NBA this season. He's got proper size (6'2'') for a point guard, and he's a solid scorer for his position.

According to Wise's profile on, he's never played in an NBA game. In the report, his coach with the Bakersfield Jam Will Voigt sums up his playing style. 

He’s a really dynamic player. He’s a guy that can score for you. He’s also developed into a guy that run your offense and set people up. He’s been our starting point guard for the last three years and we’ve been consistently in the top of a lot of offensive categories.

NBA teams are always looking for quality backup point guards, especially in the playoffs. Look at Norris Cole last season. He played a tremendous role as Mario Chalmers' backup through the entire season.

Wise isn't undersized, and scoring point guards are always valued. 

It will be interesting to see how he handles distributing to talented players all around. If he can handle it, he's ready to make the NBA jump.