NBA Podcast: USA Men's Basketball, Latest 2012 NBA Free Agency News and Buzz

Joel C. CordesNBA Associate EditorJuly 13, 2012

These two have had some words recently...
These two have had some words recently...Jamie Squire/Getty Images

With many of the big names off the board, the second phase of the 2012 NBA offseason turns to mid-level and savvy under-the-radar signings. These are oftentimes what makes or breaks a team's shot at contention.

There are still plenty of key moves to be made, even as attention turns to USA men's basketball and the 2012 Olympics.

On this episode of Basketball by Association, NBA Featured Columnist Joel C. Cordes and NBA Lead Writer Ethan Sherwood Strauss discuss the intricacies of surviving the free agency free-for-all, along with the timeless opportunities for the latest "Dream Team."

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How would the 1992 Dream Team stack up against the 2012 version? Kobe Bryant thinks the present would beat the past.

While Michael Jordan vehemently disagrees, we probe the possibilities of time travel, Space Jam, nostalgia and the question, "Could 2012 even beat 2008?"

In free-agency news, we wonder whether the Dallas Mavericks have made a sneaky-good play for next year or if their latest signings simply transport them back to the Don Nelson era of the early 2000s.

What about Daryl Morey and the Houston Rockets as they still pursue Dwight Howard at all costs? By giving up everything to get him, would they be left with nothing even if he arrived?

The Indiana Pacers, Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics and many other teams are still making moves, and we discuss the wisdom (or lack thereof) of their choices.

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