NBA Second Half: Selections & Picks

Jay KaneContributor IFebruary 17, 2009

The NBA is filled with amazing athletes and basketball players these days.  Not that there wasn't great players in the old days, there are just more of them today.

This makes for some entertaining basketball games no matter what city you happen to be in.  At the top are Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.  Both incredible basketball players, Kobe just has more experience and plays on a slightly better team.

The Lakers own the western conference this year, even with Andrew Bynum.  They should cruise to some degree to this years championship game.  Only San Antonio has a chance at stopping the Lakers 2009 run in the western conference.

The eastern conference however is a entirely different story.  There are three teams that will battle to the last second of there season.  The Celtics are defending champions and seem to be hungry for another.

The Cavaliers and LeBron James certainly will have something to say about it, as LeBron is determined to carry his team to a championship.  And James is the most dominate player in the game today.

But Superman does reside in Orlando!

The east should come down to who wants it more, the big three or Mr. James.  To me LeBron wants in more this year, but in a seven game classic NBA Finals the Lakers and Kobe will prevail.


The following will be called my "Lucky 13"!  I have found 13 plays for you gamblers for the second half of the season.  They are schedule plays so use your discretion of the teams health, etc. by game time.

In February: 23rd Denver and Utah, 25th Denver, 27th Orlando, 28th Clippers.

In March: 14th Chicago, 15th Orlando and Lakers, 16th Denver, 20th Indiana, 23rd Boston and Portland, 28th Houston