After Raw, Wrestlemania Has Potential

Danny SmithContributor IFebruary 17, 2009

Sorry I haven't written an article in a while (although most of you probably don't care), but after Raw last night I felt the need to get back to the b/r to do what I do best.

Just like No Way Out did the night before, Raw only launched us further on the Road to Wrestlemania. Last night we saw not only the first match set in stone (well not really official until next week) but nonetheless, that is HBK Vs. The Undertaker.

If you saw the Royal Rumble, you saw Undertaker approach HBK backstage before the World Heavyweight Championship match...and like only he could simply said, "It's Hell gettin to Heaven."

Now unless you are as dumb as the people that ran after Y2J's car, then you knew that something was a brewin'. The matter of when was the question. After HBK defeated JBL at No Way Out, he won the right to well...himself and could do whatever he pleased.

Sure enough last night, JBL came out on literally borrowed time and told the world that he hired HBK to get him the World title, but since that didn't work out that he had a better that would cement his name in history, and that was to end The Streak.

As the WWE Universe let out a collective groan, HBK came out to save the day. Because he can do that now, he announced that next week on Raw, he and JBL will fight for the right...not to party, but challenge the Undertaker at the grandaddy of em all.

Then it was time for Senior Night part II, as Chris Jericho was interrupted by the one and only Rowdy Roddy Piper, who told Y2J to "Shut the Hell Up" and tell him why the legends do what they do, which is perform until they can't anymore. "I will crawl down to this ring on my hands and knees, as long as these people say so," he proclaimed.

Jericho actually seemed touched by this promo, and just when you thought he was going to shake Piper's hand...he kicked him in the knee and then proceeded to kick the Hall of Famer in the gut on his hands and knees.

Now as far as this angle goes, I doubt that Jericho will wrestle Rourke, simply because I think that Jericho is better than that. Last year, they stuck the returning Big Show in with Mayweather because it was really a no-lose situation (most people didn't care anyway).

But to waste a talent like Jericho on a publicity-stunt gimmick match is just ricockulous as he would say. That is why I believe his opponent will be the one and only Stone Cold Steve Austin. If anyone could have a great send-off match withy the Texas Rattlesnake, it is Y2J.

I believe we will see more of this in the future, especially considering Austin is booked to appear on Raw next week. We shall see...

Now, as far as the title pictures go...I am at a Cross Roads (no not Cody Rhodes finishing move). Last night Randy Orton not only took out Shane, but Stephanie McMahon as well, which sent Triple H running down to protect: his wife? We shall see how they go with this. This will no doubt set up an Orton-Triple H match for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania (the same main event as last year, except with no Cena).

Speaking of Cena, he has made it clear that he will be coming after Edge, who stole his World Title at No Way Out. However, I have been reading today that WWE is trying to do a Cena-Hogan match at Wrestlemania. But, then who would challenge Edge for the title? Especially now that HHH is gone and the Hardy's will mostly likely have a match themselves.

We shall see where this goes, and don't forget the Wrestlemania-tradition Money in the Bank ladder match and most likely an ECW Championship match as well. Raw put the pedal to the metal, and we are now cruising down the Road to Wrestlemania!